The moneyball – brad pitt in the role of General Manager

The sport was put on pause in the world, but that is no reason to forget about it. In a time when we are all locked in four walls, it’s time to reconsider, or rediscover for themselves good movies, including about sport. We continue our rubric “Kinosport”.


One of the greatest sensations of all American sports the beginning of zero was peripheral baseball team “Oakland athletics”. A team constantly occupying one of the last places in the entire League in payroll in 2000-03 years.. four times reached the playoffs, and in 2002-m to year has won twenty matches in a row – a League record!

In American sports in General make films and write books at the slightest provocation, and even without it, and this story was just wildly infopovod. How would you feel if the historical record top of the League this season, would set “Cagliari” or “Freiburg”, “Southampton” or “Mallorca”? And in this particular case for the win, “Auckland” was still standing and particular person. The man who changed everything.

Billy Beane was considered one of the most promising baseball players of his generation, but not able to realize his potential and at 27 years old bat hung on a nail in the “Oakland athletics”. Over time, he became the General Manager and could, in fact, to hack baseball a revolutionary approach to statistics.

How then told Bean: “Even in 1997, at the dawn of the Internet, we with Paul Depodesta (assistant General Manager – Approx. Ed.) periodically get information from a small Amateur website Baseball Prospectus”. Billy and his young (literally – same Sex was not yet thirty), the team investigated the statistical indicators more deeply than any of their competitors, acquired undervalued players and relied on their disclosure.

Bin – a staunch adherent statistics. “In any sport, you can find key metrics and statistics. The question is, how do you know which of them are more important than others.” “The thing is to correctly assess the skills and hang on to them for the right price tags. Thirty years ago, brokers were buying shares solely intuitively. Any player with an account in the pension Fund has the right to choose. They can choose their accountant, trusting their own instincts, or choose the wizard, which analyzes, understands statistics and sees all the numbers. I now know who to choose”.

The most amazing in the history of cooperation “Auckland” and Bina is that it didn’t last one season on the precepts of “Lester” and has been going on for a decade. Billy Beane still runs in the Oakland General Manager, and his team for the last twenty years of 11 times reached the playoffs. In major League baseball there is only ten teams out of 25, and “Oakland” always the poorest team in the playoffs – for example, payroll, for the 2012 year:

The most offensive in this story – the fact that “Auckland” didn’t win and hasn’t really challenged for the victory in the League. What can you do: the story of “Moneyball” and the truth is not quite like a tale. Rather, it is a complex treatise, which will help a budding entrepreneur a thorough daily work life to reach a million. Not billion, but million is not enough to aspire to it?

The book is about the methods of work of Bina became a bestseller, translated into many languages and went through many editions. Her influence is not what baseball is, and on the whole world sports Grand: bosses of different clubs, very different franchises and leagues talked and talked about the passion of manibela (one of them was the owner of Liverpool John Henry), the emphasis on statistics, more and more, tactical geeks in influencing the play of the teams all the more significant.

As told about maribelle author Michael Lewis: “the culture of sport there has been a change. Sports management has greatly advanced in intelligence and become harder. The offices began to appear different people, managers of a different mindset.”

Of course, no revolution in the hierarchy of clubs has happened: in the end, nobody forbids “real” and “Lakers”, “Pittsburgh penguins” and “new York Yankees” to improve the research Department. The same Depodesta already to 2004 year, lured to one of the richest American club “Los Angeles Dodgers”, and the main scout “Leicester” immediately after the championship season, moved to Everton. But the shift, the revolution in the view of team sports fundamental: now no one in the coaching staff will not evaluate, and the club to buy players just on a whim.


The idea to film the book lay on the surface, and the right to that already in 2004-m to year was acquired by Sony. The issue was in the implementation of, scenario – and at this stage the work has stalled for five years. First, to whom was entrusted the script, became one of Stan Chervin who have not invented anything better than to build at the head of the story of Billy Beane’s relationship with his daughter. Even in the final few scenes are not mandatory and thank God that the producers were smart enough not to turn a terrific story into another corny lyrical story.

The film eventually became a wonderful collaboration of three talented people. First – screenwriter Alan Sorkin, which is literally in the course of work became an Oscar winner for “the Social network”. The second – directed by Bennett Miller, which already in 2014 will receive the Golden palm for “the Hunter on Fox”. They were underrated when they came to the project and allowed him to succeed.

In my opinion, it is the “Moneyball” can be called a major sport among the blockbuster film and a major blockbuster among sports films. “Rocky”, “million dollar Baby dollars” – it is still a story of overcoming, in whom sport is nothing more than a shell. Well, in fact, do differ in their essence girl-boxer in “Baby…” from, for example, the drummer in “Obsession”? In both films an extraordinary manner, for an Oscar, shows a history of victories over a who are fully outside of sports.

“Moneyball” is the story about sports, ambitious people who fail and think I need to do to win, to become the key to earn more. In the spotlight Billy Beane, who at the beginning of the film is surrounded by problems. “Next season will play worse, because we are gutted,” he said to the boss after the departure of the best players. The player himself said to him: “we had a contract for seven million” – “Boston gave a 7.75” and with further requirements to raise the salary to eight. It is absolutely not romantic, this is the most that neither is on the wrong side of sports, but that’s exactly what’s missing from the fans, who are accustomed to endless “not afraid of Competition”, “Always dreamed of playing in this team” and “Trust the coach” at press conferences.

The film is superbly shot: except for the above scenes with her daughter Bina, there is no time to lose. The Director, contrary to the canons of Hollywood did not sin against the truth and doing “Auckland” League champion – team crashes ignominiously in the playoffs, but the drama is higher. Good even silence: when Paul Depodesta for the first time tells the player that the club gets rid of him, pause the drama can compete with the Mat.

In short, “Moneyball”, as in Oakland, everything is lined up correctly, the mind – but the film, unlike the club, there is a superstar which is able to pull many of the projects alone. Brad pitt, unlike most formulaic Hollywood handsome with age, becoming more and more a great actor – and therefore remained in the highest League of Hollywood after the fortieth anniversary.

In “Moneyball” pitt just reigns – he is bright, charismatic, looks like a man who is willing not to make losers of the Champions and a night to invent a vaccine against coronavirus. After the movie was released a variety of critics have called the best role in the career of brad and the Oscars, by and large, he has earned already.

Pitt: “…I was so captured by this book and what it tells. These are people who went against the system, what it cost them… Because this team with a budget of $ 40 million, and they had to compete with teams whose budget is 240 million. And the game is rigged.

Our movie is really about the community of people, assign them a certain value. And how it affects them as affects their self-esteem. Who is the winner and who the loser — these questions apply to every person. What did these guys in 2002, touched upon today, and other areas — football and our industry too.”

Although the plot is understandably predictable and may not surprise the viewer, the film is absolutely not boring – the cast (which includes Philip Seymour Hoffman in the role of coach, retrograde), the screenwriter and Director have done their work so that the “Moneyball” looks at one go. Probably, the main twist to the almost documentary – that believed in numbers and the calculation of the character of Billy Beane at the crucial moment trust the heart, not the brain. He could become the highest paid Manager in the history of American sports, to get under the best shots – but chose to stay in the team that believed in him. But the most incredible thing in the same act decided and Billy Beane. A lover of numbers and statistics came as the last romantic…

Billy is with great pleasure that collaborated with the filmmakers – he depicted the real hero, much more positively than in the book. To inaccuracies in the implementation Bin is easy, explaining them as follows: “Yes, and who needs a movie for two and a half hours with brad pitt, who would talk only about sabermetrics? You’re not going to the movies for the sake of math”. Probably, it can be considered the fourth person who helped to remove one of the best films about sports of all time.

Of course, this story is naive, idealism. Of course, miniball and immersed in the figures can not only pull, but also imbedded command. Sorry, but if a player is “overgrown with fat and smokes pot,” as the coaches about one of the potential team members, it really can not bring any benefit after signing the next contract, even if previously his stats were good. Ailton after reaching 32 years managed to play for a two – digit number of teams and much of the Donetsk “metallurg” and most of them helped the fact that he was top scorer in the Bundesliga?

Absolutely not surprised that pitt in this film was not only an actor, but also one of the producers. His main character is not just a main and the only one with charisma, energy and a willingness to change. He says the first person “You’re the new head scout, congratulations” – and, of course, it works. At the team meeting, he tells the coaches “How much you talk, blah-blah-blah” – and it, all suffer. A little theatrical, a little dramatic – but it is no more than spots on the sun. Yeah, pitt plays Bina, like hamlet – but does it so that it is impossible for it to claim.


Movie: “the Man who changed everything”
Genre: sports drama
Year: 2011
Stars: Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Adam Sorkin.
Sport: baseball
Evaluation Of “Kinosport”: 10/10

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