The Ministry of health of Dagestan, has reported almost 700 died from “community acquired pneumonia” – it is 25 times more than the official statistics COVID-19

The Minister of health of Dagestan, Jamaludin Gadzhibekov in an interview with blogger Ruslan Kurbanov reported that in the Republic from “community acquired pneumonia” died 657 people. According to the data of official statistics of the Russian Federation as of may 16, in Dagestan from COVID-19 27 people have died.

The coronavirus, and “community-acquired pneumonia” in Dagestan sick 12 697 people, said the Minister in an interview published in the Instagram blogger.

The question Kurbanova, why coronavirus is considered separately from pneumonia, Gadjibekov said that “community acquired pneumonia” identifies the Federal service.

“Laboratory confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Republic was initially the divisions of Rospotrebnadzor. Then joined subordinate to the Ministry of health laboratory. But with pneumonia worked only division of the CPS. That’s why,” said the official.

Thus, according to him, the doctors consider all the potentially community-acquired pneumonia coronavirus and treat such patients in accordance with the Protocol.

The Minister added that the hospitals of Dagestan with the coronavirus and pneumonia are more than 7 thousand patients, left more than 1,400 available beds. From COVID-19 , and pneumonia has killed more than 40 doctors.

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