The Ministry of health has established criteria for evaluating a lean health clinics

The introduction of a new model of medical institutions based on the principles of lean production, will be judged on 22 criteria. About it informs TASS.

The Ministry of health has prepared a draft of the order in which the medical organization, introducing a new model, divided into three levels. In hospitals of the first level should be a separate sick and healthy patients, and should not be crossed more than once the recipient of the services of OMS for their money.

On the second level of the medical organization of primary care should not only provide criteria for the first level, but at the same time to increase the number of scheduled patients at the outpatient clinic by appointment up to 70%, as well as to organize not less than 50% of the record without going into the registry. It is envisaged at this level and “complete at least one project for improvement of the medical organization Director of the medical organization and his deputies”.

At the third level, according to the draft order, the medical organization must already comply with the requirements of the first and second levels, and to increase the number of patients by appointment and without a treatment in the registry, to increase the digitalization of the medical institution, otherwise to plan for stocks of medical devices and medicines in the offices and warehouses.

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