The Minister of defence of Estonia: We have less, but can make it clear to the enemy that it is not necessary to poke your nose in here

Estonia sees Russia as a threat to its security policy is to be able to confront any superior to the enemy. The Minister of defence of Estonia jüri Luik said in a speech to the conscripts and reservists on July 14, the recording of the performance posted in the YouTube account of the Ministry.

“Estonia is a small country, everyone’s contribution matters. Toevery trained Estonian soldiers is another soldier that needs to be considered our enemy. The development of an independent defence capability of Estonia means to show the opponents that in case of aggression, they can lose more than win, and that we can defend ourselves until the arrival of the allies. Of course, we are less than our neighbour to the East, but our forces enough to make it clear to the enemy that you should not stick your nose in it,” said Luik.

He recalled the Russian aggression in Ukraine and Georgia, whose territory is partially occupied.

“To this sad fate befell Estonia, your family and friends, so you could live in a free country without fear of military invasion, we need a trained reserve army, capable of defending their country,” the Minister added.

In December 2019 Luik said that Estonia skeptical to suggestions of some NATO partners about the dialogue with Moscow, as Russia “has once again become a threat.”

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