The main mistake of Serhiy Rebrov

The formidable Duo of Dynamo strikers Andriy Shevchenko, Sergei Rebrov, very highly regarded in football Europe. They predicted a great future for the top clubs. And if Shevchenko managed to build a brilliant career in the West, his partner in “Dynamo” – no. And it’s very sad, because the level of talent and efficiency Sergey at least not inferior to that of Andrew.

Most likely, unlike Sheva, Rebrov just didn’t make the right choice. Tottenham were not the place where the head could reach a new level. Instead of the expected quest for glory “white HART lane” became for the Ukrainian striker in a Golden cage.

Today we remember all the details of the transition, the current coach of “ferencváros” in the London team, and why he was not turned out.

Ribs snapped

In 2000, the forward of Kiev “Dynamo” and national team of Ukraine Serhiy Rebrov for 11 million pounds (nearly $ 18 million) was transferred to the London “Tottenham”. At the time the transfer became spurs ‘ record. But to play in a new team, Sergei could not. For four years, Rebrov scored for the “Hotspur” just ten goals. Of the main hopes Tottenham Rebrov very quickly turned into major disappointment. Recently his transition into the camp of “spurs” was voted the worst transfer in the history of the London club (for version ЕSPN). And it all started differently.

Despite the fact that in 1999 the Dynamo attacking front collapsed – Andriy Shevchenko went to play AC Milan on the quality of the game Sergei Rebrov departure of a partner is not affected. Moreover, it is appropriate even to say that the game Rebrov has blossomed in new ways. Sergei scored as before – that is a lot, but along with that has also proved himself as a good playmaker, and as a Mature leader of the team. In General, in the season “without Shevchenko” Rebrov scored in all competitions to thirty balls. In forty fights. Excellent result! Of these thirty heads the third part was Packed in two European meetings. So, Sergei has been one of the top strikers in Europe.

Of course, many continental clubs wanted to engage the eleventh room Dynamo. There has been interest from Italian teams. In particular, a lot was written about Milan – say, it would be nice if the “Rossoneri” reunited the famous Dynamo couple. It is difficult to say how substantive was the interest of Milan, and whether he was at all. Besides, Rebrov was still reported that he was “playing Italian teams somehow don’t like”.

FC Dynamo. Serhiy Rebrov and Andriy Shevchenko

But interest in the British clubs were the most that neither is real. Services Rebrov was interested in “Glasgow Rangers”. And yet – two of the London club “Arsenal” and “Tottenham”. The first option Sergei and Dynamo are certainly not considered as serious – Scottish Premier League at that time already was not a competitive environment, and “Rangers” ceased to be a collective European level. But Arsenal are a very good option. According to Rebrov, Oleg Luzhny, then playing for the team of Wenger, not once, not twice tried to persuade his former partner on “Dynamo” to choose “gunners”. But Sergei’s partner wasn’t listening. He listened to his intuition. And he suggests that the best option is Tottenham. Why? Yes, at least because, unlike Arsenal, the management of “spurs” were very persistent in their attempts to acquire exactly Rebrov.

In addition, the former Manager of “Hotspur” George Graham vowed that the Rib is not prepared only one hundred percent place in the first team, but as one of the leaders around which to build a new team with new ambitions. Probably, all this and something else, bribed Sergei. And he chose Tottenham.

Negotiations of conditions

Tottenham watched the game Rebrov is not one month. As you say the football player on the last a press-conferences in Kiev before flying to London in the winter of 1999, he called the coach of the Londoners to talk about a possible collaboration. Graham liked that Rebrov tried to speak English. The Rib and I liked that he seriously expect.

Besides, the Londoners needed a classy striker: after the departure of the team of jürgen Klinsmann status of players in the “Hotspur” is almost gone. Impressed by the game and Rebrov sporting Director “Tottenham” David Stove. In the summer of 2000 functionary personally flew to Kiev to convince Rebrov to move to Albion. And to convince Dynamo to let go of his leading players. Flew the edges and in London, a visit to the Stove. And old David was able to convince the Ukrainian star, that “Tottenham” is a very ambitious project.

Another trump card played in favor of the transition Rebrov in the Tottenham, was the financial terms. At the time spurs were not included in the leading Quartet of English teams, but the finances were in order. In short, could afford. Even that could not afford Arsenal.

Negotiations between Dinamo and Tottenham regarding the transfer Rebrov was tight. Unlike the negotiations between the London club and the player: the two sides all was settled between them for half an hour. The problem was not the reluctance of Kiev to let its leading performer, as the price issue. Tottenham originally offered five million pounds, Kiev wanted 12 million. As described later, Rebrov’s agent Sandor Varga, “in Tottenham then the most expensive football player in England, was worth 5 million pounds. While Sergey bought for 11-th! Of course, sir Alan sugar, as a Jew, traded Surkis to the last.”

As mentioned above, money from the “spurs” were performed. But 11 million pounds – it was really a lot. Five million, mentioned Varga is the price Les Ferdinand. And then immediately twice more. At the time Rebrov was the most expensive transfer not only Tottenham, but also the entire Premier League. But the owner of the “Hotspur” went to such a step, as promised fans major acquisition and the fight for the title.

In addition to Dynamo, not a loser from this transfer and he was a striker. According to available information, as of the lifting ribs got two million pounds. And the salary he “laid” is also the status: 24 thousand pounds a week. Well, after the transfer Saga remains to be hoped that Rebrov got it to the right place.

Begun “for health”

3 June 2000, at the first press conference in London, Rebrov, new player of Tottenham, say the following: “I came here to be the first, and “Tottenham” will be the champion of England. But this dream was realized only in the case if the team will remain a leading defender Sol Campbell. I asked Saul not to leave.” By the tone of the statement is to say that it is words not the boy, but her husband, a man who knows his worth.

Rebrov quite quickly settled into the team. He had no problems in communicating with new partners. At first, his English was weak, but then the club hired him a tutor, and the teammates were not laughing after Rebrov gave a short interview with the local press.

Adjusted everything in everyday terms. Soon Sergey in London arrived and the wife and son. Rebrov, the most valuable player of the spurs, could afford to buy a house in one of the most prestigious areas of the British capital. In this matter he was helped by the club. For the purchase sugar allocated to Sergey a loan that the player repaid in six months. Dmitry, son Rebrov, learned English probably faster father in London went to first grade, then to the nursery school, Tottenham. In the structure of the club he has been so far.

Everything is fine on the “personal front” was Sergei. He lived together with his first wife Lyudmila. And sometimes can afford “distractions” for Ani Lorak.

Well, everything was on the football field. In the first season, with Graham, Rebrov really was a team player. Was not scoring as often as in the Dynamo, but with ten goals in his debut season scored.

Ended – “for the dead”

But in March 2001, George Graham was forced to resign as head coach of the “spurs”. Left the club and Alan sugar, who sold his part of shares. Gone and Campbell, who had been asked to stay Rebrov. Came the new owner (Levi), came and a new coach. And now for Rebrov came the troubled times. Glenn Haddam, new steering “Hotspur”, the relationship he never formed initially. The Scot has brought in new players, the Ukrainians are not counted. Still, the chance Rebrov gave: not often, but nonetheless.

Under the leadership Hoddle Rebrov has played 36 matches (incomplete, but still), and scored four goals. But competitors Rebrov Ferdinand and Sheringham each scored 13 goals.

FC Tottenham. Teddy Sheringham

In 2001/2002 season, Rebrov was in deep reserve. In total, the team had a surplus of forwards – six, and Ukrainian was the last in this list. It is therefore not surprising that we had to leave. Rebrov wanted to stay in the Premier League, but the club spent on the player of such a serious money, would it advantageous to sell not less than five million. But for the money no one wanted to buy the troubled striker. The money was found only at Fenerbahce, and then only for a year and a half rent.

Rebrov is the root of all their troubles seen in the figure of the mentor “spurs”. “I had a lot of friends in Tottenham, and they were all wonderful players,” recalled later Rebrov. “But when Hoddle none of us showed their best qualities. Glenn Hoddle – the only reason I didn’t play in Tottenham.

Twitter Tottenham

Alas, after the resignation of the odious Scot Rebrov returned to Tottenham. To him there simply did not expect. And to do so could afford, because the ribs or in a Turkish rent (four goals) nor the “link” in the “West ham” (scored twice) was not able to convince the club that owned his contract, in its usefulness. Rebrov could not be in London is not just his goalscoring talent, but of leadership. In short, he failed to inculcate “Hotspur” leadership status: the team remained mid-table club.

In the end, after five years, in the summer of 2005, Serhiy Rebrov in the status of a free agent returned to “Dynamo”.

For the home team Sergey has not yet confirmed its high reputation zabivaly will win another League title, will be the best player of the championship of the country. But it will be another Rebrov – doigrali coming from the fair. A chance to be one of the best players of the continent, be on a par with Shevchenko Sergey still missed. This is partly to blame Tottenham, is partly to blame, and Sergei himself.

Perhaps he’s aware and understands, though he says that his transition to the “Hotspur,” no error. Unfortunately, there is. This is probably the biggest mistake of the football player Rebrov.


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