The luxurious life of Cristiano Ronaldo

If you don’t know who Cristiano Ronaldo is, even without a deep interest in football, the conclusion is only one – the last 10-15 years you have lived in some unimaginable to the modern global world the Outback, where they must still not know about the existence of the Internet, and, of course, about the ill-fated coronavirus that causes now almost the entire planet to change their way of life and join the homebody.

The Portuguese, along with Lionel Messi is a real brand of football, to compete for work with want dozens or even hundreds of advertisers. All this allows Cristiano very well to replenish their Bank accounts, and, according to the latest data, soon Ronaldo will become the first player who for his entire professional career has earned $ 1 billion. With that kind of money, it is not surprising that Cristiano owns many, if not exclusive, then certainly the incredibly expensive things. In fact, some of them we’ll talk…

First of all, let’s talk about the Holy of holies for many wealthy people real estate. You will hardly find a source who will definitely claim that it has information about all the houses, flats and apartments, owned by Cristiano Ronaldo. However, data on some of them got into the press. In particular, in December 2015, the Portuguese, who then “real”, had a short tour on the house located on the outskirts of Madrid in the locality of Pozuelo de alarcón. According to unofficial information, this luxury mansion has managed Ronaldo at $ 7 million, and has all the amenities, which the average person can only remember from a special room for reading and negotiation to swimming pools, luxury bathrooms and facilities for storage of personal trophies Cristiano.

In the summer of 2018, Ronaldo was replaced by real Madrid at Juventus, then he needed to find a new place for permanent residence. The Portuguese has opted for a Villa, located in the centre of Turin, on the hills near the great Church of Notre Dame (Gran Madre di dio). This apartment is only one private road, the fare for which to unauthorized persons is prohibited.

It was rumored that Ronaldo chose this house due to the fact that it was very similar to his home in Madrid. However, in contrast to the Spanish property in a mansion in Turin and there is no definite information as to whether it bought Cristiano, or until only leases. However, this house, in addition to the eight bedrooms and four bathrooms, also has everything you need to keep from the gym and swimming pool to the magnificent private Park, in which Ronaldo likes to take a walk with your family.

Managed to get Cristiano real estate and the ocean. In the United States of America Ronaldo a few years ago bought a luxury apartment in Trump Tower is a 58-storey skyscraper in new York, which leads The Trump Organization, which is the main business of the company the current US President Donald trump. Sale, according to various reports, cost Ronaldo from 18.5 to 23 million dollars. Its area is 233 square meters, which allowed to place under one roof three bedrooms, each with private bathroom.

Interestingly, because of the rather ambiguous relationship to Donald Trump, many fans Ronaldo has criticized his idol for the purchase of real estate in Trump Tower. However, the Portuguese is unlikely to suffered from this, because who-who, and he just learned to understand that even bad PR is, first and foremost, it is the PR.

Like many men, Ronaldo not remain indifferent to the powerful and beautiful cars. His collections are the envy of many rich people today, however, according to available data, the most expensive car in the Park Cristiano is the Bugatti Chiron, the purchase of which cost the Portuguese was 4.7 million dollars. To see this car fans of Ronaldo might have in Instagram the Portuguese, where he often likes to upload pictures or videos with your beloved “iron horse”.



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