The lightest submarine in the world can be transported in a normal car

A reputed manufacturer of submarines U-Boat Worx (the Netherlands) introduced the world’s lightest underwater vehicle – Nemo. To the shore for subsequent dives it can be delivered on a conventional trailer, and then towed to the place of immersion on the boat or small yacht.

Nemo height of only 155 cm and weighing 2500 kg – transport, it takes up less space than a pair of jet skis. Its speed under water is 5.5 km/h. the Submarine is designed for 8 hours of operation at depths to 100 m. Inside Nemo can penetrate the top hatch.

For the management of Nemo required a special certificate, however, the functions of the pilot can, if necessary, to carry out a regular passenger using the Manta controller with the capabilities of the autopilot, including automatic maintenance of the course and depth. The ship can also be controlled remotely from the boat or shore with a controller Marlin.

The Nemo submarine is estimated at $ 1.5 million. Its production is supposed to begin, when there will be a sufficient number of orders. She will come with air conditioning, wireless underwater communication and a spotlight. As options are offered extra light, sonar, manipulator external and Navi package. U-Boat Worx also offers a 12-day training course is running in your centre, Sub Centre Curacao.

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