The lessons of the pandemic discussed at the forum “nation Health – a basis of prosperity of Russia”

All-Russia forum “nation Health – a basis of prosperity of Russia” started its three-day work in Moscow on August 11. This is the first official event held in offline mode after the introduction in March of constraints. Initially in the agenda of the 14th is already on the account the forum was planned to discuss the national projects in health, now, according to the Director of SMRC AOA im. A. N. After Bakulev Russian Federation Ministry of health and the President of the “League of nation’s health” (the organizer of the event) Leo Bokeria, this will occur in the context of adjustments made in connection with the pandemic.

The purpose of the forum, according to the academician – to discuss the implications and new threats of pandemic coronavirus in the format of civil society, the reflection stage. “It is very important that civil society understand the queries that are coming not just because the doctors want it to be like so and so, as a result of the global analysis, and as one of the options suggested, how we should behave, to limit, to avoid undesirable future, – said Leo Antonovich. — We have a great past from which we can draw lessons. We will win this pandemic and we know very much.”

Famous cardiac surgeon commented on one of the most controversial topics of recent days – the first in the world anticholinesterases vaccine Gam-Kovid VAK, developed NICAM them.F. Gamalei and received August 11, the state registration to the completion of the third phase of clinical trials.

“I am absolutely convinced that under our current system, this issue will be resolved correctly. No one, of course, will not be forced – we do not live in that time — said Leo Bokeria. — I know a few people fairly high level (government) on its own initiative, passed this vaccination. Of course, you can expect certain changes in the body, but we are convinced that such changes are transient and no harm caused except that the vaccinated person protected.”

The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on health Dmitry Morozov have noted the unprecedented speed of decision-making taken by the authorities in a situation of a pandemic – literally at the end of the day: “I never heard what happened to the managers, the organizers worked in such a dense conjunction with the doctors. Our country has shown one of the best practices for addressing this severe threat, — said the parliamentarian. — Not all countries have been able to do so, though the medicine they can and shiny, and organizational – are unable. And the conclusions that you will hear on this forum, I am sure, will form the basis of decisions in the future.”

The forum, launched in the walls of the Gostiny Dvor in Central Moscow, was the demonstration of the effective operation of the Russian industry and health, it presents the best practices of the regions on combating the spread of coronavirus infection. The event will last until August 13.

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