The legendary battleship of Nelson’s “victory” once again afloat, but never touches the water

Portsmouth historic dockyard will once again open its doors to visitors on August 24 of this year as a Museum of the British fleet. The main exhibit, the legendary ship of the line victory, has undergone a sea change. After a century in dry dock crumbling wooden flagship will once again feel the water pressure on your body – but without a drop of moisture. To preserve the unique artifact, “victory” set to “smart” imitator aquatic environment.

In 1805-om Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson won the battle of Trafalgar, had his flag in the victory, which even then was 40 years. Immediately after the battle, the badly damaged ship was sent for repair, and he in battle did not participate. However, many times broke, burned, was rammed and nearly drowned. Only historic fame and respect for naval tradition helped to keep the veteran, who today 255 years.

In 1922 victory was put on eternal Parking in dry dock, where it is constantly repaired by replacing rotted wood with new. Alas, these ships out of the water do not exist, under the pressure of its own weight planks and beams a row at a rate of 0.5 cm per year. By the beginning of the new Millennium, the displacement of the elements exceeded 20 cm, and the ship threatened to collapse completely. Therefore, it was developed a clever support system.

Today victory is on 134 dynamic pillars, each of which is provided with a pressure sensor. Data is read every minute and the system adjusts the position of all pillars, carefully maintaining the old building. The caretakers of the vehicle receives information about its integrity, and under the Kiel victory set up a gallery for tourists who will be able to see the legendary boat on this side.

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