The legend of biathlon became a simple worker in Norway. The Story Of Raphael Poiree

In the 2000s, Raphael Poiree competed with OLE-Einar Bjoerndalen for the title of best athlete in the world. Four times the Frenchman has won the overall world Cup standings, eight times triumphal at the world Championships and was a three-time winner of the Olympic games, though he failed to win a gold medal at the Games.

The last race in the career Poiret turned out epic: he lost first place Bjoerndalen in a photo finish, but after years believes that for this reason need to be upset.

“If OLE just missed me forward, I wouldn’t be happy about this victory. And so we got the historic race, which until the last few centimeters for the victory fought three of the best biathlete the last 15 years at the time. That race turned out for me the second place, I can only blame myself. I often revise it and squander in the head, knowing that had to win, because I had the best speed.

But those few centimeters is the distance that remained between me and OLE throughout his career. He had the best team, coaches, service team, and I had to chase him and a lot to learn. But I am very grateful to OLE for the interesting fight for many years. He motivated me to become better every day. And together we made history,” – said Poiret in an interview

After a career Poiret worked briefly as a coach with the national team of Belarus and an expert on TV, but at one point decided to quit biathlon.

“For 25 years I traveled to the same places, met the same people and spoke the same things. In this little closed world I was the king, and the whole work of a large team was subject to my results. It’s a huge comfort zone. But at some point, I wanted another life: a stable and full of new challenges.”

Poiret worked as a labourer on an oil platform in the North sea, engaged in the construction of roads and felt happy. While Poiret didn’t want his name, which he got in the sport, it somehow helped in the work. One time Raphael Poiree was even looking for a job through Facebook.

“Of course, I could work as a coach or an expert on TV and on. But it’s not my way. For me work is not only a way to earn money it is also motivation to develop and grow. Plowed from seven in the morning until seven in the evening — in the rain, in the heat, in the dark and dirt. It was very different from anything I have encountered in the sport (smiles). In biathlon I had status, I was my own master and king, there are other worked for me, but I’m not at someone.”

Now Raphael Poiree working for a construction company in Bergen, which specializiruetsya for the construction of facilities – from swimming pools and schools to houses and roads. Rafael is engaged in adjustment of communications between customers and contractors, and also monitors the quality of work.

“I hate it when people go on your behalf. And could never get promoted on past achievements, only because I Raphael Poiree. I like to develop their personality and to prove that I am worthy of respect, not only because I’m eight-time world champion. With each new position I’ve been building the networking, knowledge, skills and experience”.

Poiret has not earned in his career as much as, for example, Fourcade, who until the end of life may not work. But he did not despair. “Unlike Martin, I can’t not work at all. During my career, I did not think about the money and some savings and wanted to be the best in the world. I’m not too ignorant in financial matters and made some bad investments with the filing of certain people. So now have to work to provide for themselves and family.”

Now Poiret 45 years, his three beautiful daughters from his first marriage, a new family and a job that brings him pleasure.

“I’m a very happy person. But, of course, has certain goals. Want to get a place that will finally say: this is my home. In recent years, I’m back on the road: two weeks spend in Bergen with her daughters, and then on two weeks leave to another city an hour away from here, where I live with my wife Anna. She works in an insurance company, and she also has three children from his first marriage. So we live in a state such that the time to pay attention to the education of children, and each other, and not mix everything together.”

In addition, Poiret preparing to publish an autobiography. According to his confession, the book will be very personal, with a lot of history, starting with childhood and ending with modern life. The book will appear in October and somehow think that it will become a bestseller. In France and Norway – that’s right.

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