The lawyer of victims on business MH17: Glad that the Netherlands changed his mind and filed a lawsuit to the ECHR. Russia must be attacked from all possible sides

To attract Russia to account for the catastrophe Malaysian Boeing 777 in the Donbass in 2014, it must exert pressure on all sides, said July 13 “UKRINFORM” American lawyer Jerry Skinner, who represents interests of relatives of victims of the crash in the European court of human rights.

Thus Skinner commented on the decision of the Dutch government to file a lawsuit against Russia in the ECHR.

“All this time Russia lost evidence, interfered with an official investigation, defended the involved persons and witnesses, creating an endless stream of false, fabricated information and evidence that have just been misled. Behavior offends my clients and any thinking person, interested in doing justice. The accession of the Netherlands to claims increases the pressure of the family almost from day one,” said the lawyer.

He said that he had proposed to the Netherlands to join the lawsuit, but they “resisted.”

“I’m glad they changed their minds. Russia must be attacked from all possible sides, so that it can be brought to justice. On this flight there were 80 children. Russia killed the future. We need to get her to take responsibility, otherwise let her make the world less civilized,” says Skinner.

In his opinion, a weak criminal process in the Netherlands can lead to the fact that Russia as a state will ultimately go unpunished.

“Dutch prosecutors ably presented the case against the four accused. In response, Russia was troubled by the fact that, in particular, was not allowed to participate in the investigation. It is a great irony: Russia has said that it was left out of the investigative process that she broke and tried to slow down from the day of disaster… however, the weakness in criminal proceedings lies in the fact that only four people can be found guilty, and the Russian state will remain unpunished. That is why it is so important accession of the Netherlands to the claims in ESPCH”, – explained the lawyer.

Skinner said that his customers were waiting for the accession of the Netherlands to the suit in 2016.

“This is a welcome step, which we waited another during the initial filing in 2016 [claim] my clients – 33 Australian, Malaysian and new Zealand families whose loved ones died in the brutal attack on the Boeing 777”, – quotes the lawyer “UKRINFORM”.

He expressed the hope that further pressure on Russia to join the UN and the international civil aviation organization (ICAO).

“It is hoped that eventually the UN will act and international civil aviation organization to impose sanctions against a state that uses military weapons against civil aircraft. Russia is a multiple offender, who often uses weapons against civilians on commercial flights. It’s time to say: enough,” noted Skinner.

On 10 July, the Netherlands reported that served in ECHR lawsuit against Russia in connection with the accident Malaysian aircraft. The government has informed that will submit to the court all the information about the crash of flight MH17 and support individual lawsuits. In the Federation Council of the Russian Federation “expressed bewilderment” in connection with the plans of the government of the Netherlands. The head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev expressed the opinion that it was “very strange initiative in all respects”.

Prior to this complaint to the ECtHR on behalf of the relatives of the victims against Russia and its President filed a Skinner. Victims seeking $330 million in compensation.

The Boeing 777, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight MH17, crashed on July 17, 2014 near Torez in Donetsk region. Killed all 298 people who were on Board (citizens of Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, UK, Germany, Belgium, Philippines, Canada and New Zealand).

According to the findings of the international investigation team, flight MH17 was shot down from the complex “Buk” from territory controlled by Pro-Russian militants. After the crash, and the weapon was returned to Russia. Investigators said that “Buk” arrived to Donbas from the Kursk region. In may 2018 the Netherlands and Australia officially blamed Russia for the Downing of flight MH17. Russia his involvement in disaster deny.

March 9, 2020, the Hague regional court began to consider the case of the crash of the Malaysian aircraft. The accused in the case, four: “defense Minister” groups “DNR”, Russian citizen Igor Girkin (Strelkov), the head of “GRU DNR” citizen of the Russian Federation Sergey Dubinsky (Gloomy), his subordinate, a citizen of the Russian Federation Oleg Pulatov (Gyurza), as well as a citizen of Ukraine, the commander of the reconnaissance battalion of the 2nd division “of the GRU DPR” Leonid Kharchenko (Mole). The case is considered by the court in the Hague, since most of the victims were Dutch nationals.

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