The Kremlin has accused London of trying to steal data about the vaccine against coronavirus

Russia has no relation to attempts of hacking the servers of the pharmaceutical companies and research centres in the UK, leading the development of vaccines against coronavirus, this was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports TASS on 16 July.

Peskov said that such accusations for the Russian Federation are unacceptable.

Associated with the Russian special services, the hacker group APT29 carried out attacks on several organizations involved in the development of a vaccine against COVID-19 in Canada, the US and the UK, on 16 July announced the national cybersecurity center in the UK.

Hackers operating out of Russia or supported by this country, a suspect in a series of attacks on structures in the United States, the Netherlands, Norway, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, etc. it is believed that a group of Cozy Bear, which stands for the foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, was hacked in July 2016 , the mail server of the National Congress of Democratic party of the United States.

The national center for cybersecurity in the UK and the U.S. Agency CISA may 5, said the growth in the number of hacker attacks on organizations, which are involved in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus.

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