The KOTELNIK: “Usyk and Lomachenko will be able to easily obtain Russian citizenship”

Former world champion WBA in the Welterweight weight category Ukrainian Andriy Kotelnik responded to the part of Alexander Usyk and Vasyl Lomachenko in the filming of the documentary film “Hello, brother! Christ is risen”, as well as their subsequent inclusion into the database “Peacemaker”.

“God will judge them. But I think until there is a war, with participation in such films or remarks on the subject of the brotherly people they could wait or not to talk about it publicly. Looks a little weird.

They are facing battles everywhere use Ukrainian symbols, Mustache did Oseledets, wore a shirt, but at the same time talking about “porridge from the same bowl” with my Russian friends and almost never spoke to his fans in Ukrainian.

Mustache with Lomachenko previously talked about the “fraternal peoples”, only now there killed in the Donbas Ukrainians.

Give Russian citizenship to Usyk and Lomachenko? I do not think that Russia is the problem. They give everyone who is helping in the propaganda of is Gerard Depardieu, Roy Jones. There are many examples. Of course, I doubt that they will go to Russia, but sympathy and looks at them, these boxers have”, — said Kotelnik.

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