The journalist of the Victory parade in Minsk: law enforcement officers have been ordered to be without masks

In Belarus on the eve of may 9 Victory day parade, law enforcement officials involved in the event have been instructed to be without masks. About this in comments to the Russian TV channel “Rain” the journalist told Belsat TV Zmitser Miscavige.

“As far as I know, law enforcement officers received orders have to be without masks. He (the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. – “GORDON”) actually tells you to follow his position. Because he defiantly does not recognize the danger of this virus.

Journalists have questioned the existence of reliable statistics on the incidence of COVID-19 in Belarus.

Commentary channel volunteer campaign BYCOVID19, human rights activist Andrey Stryzhak told that a week and a half in Minsk can be outbreak of coronavirus infection.

“Our company has been working for 44 days and during this time we have collected more than 1,600 applications from doctors asking for help. Currently, about 140 thousand units of protection and equipment transferred to the hospital or is in the way. Now we wait through a conditional and a half weeks of the new outbreak. In the first place in Minsk”, – he said.

Belarusian telegram-channel “NEXTA #Astenicescom” on the eve of the Victory day parade called the upcoming event a biological bomb and urged not to visit it.

“The parade is so no one drive that we have proved that Seating chart “voluntarily” participating in a mass event during the epidemic of public servants. At stands B1 and B2, each with a capacity of 1200 people, going to place not only representatives of various ministries, but a number of state-owned enterprises. To participate in the “parade of suicides” send even representatives of the Ministry of health. However, they will be less – only 10 people. But the Ministry of economy was not so lucky – as many as 100 people,” wrote the telegram channel.

Despite the pandemic coronavirus in Belarus is still almost no quarantine measures are not taken.

As of this morning, the country infected 22 052 people died 126 – this is the official statistics, published on the website of Johns Hopkins University.

May 9 in the Belarus capital Minsk, despite the pandemic of coronavirus, a parade was held, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II. The Ministry of defense of Belarus announced participation in the parade 4 thousand soldiers, 185 units of tracked and wheeled vehicles. Stands for spectators have been designed for 11 thousand people, they were almost completely filled. Few people were wearing masks.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that “even the idea to change traditions that have 75 years of glorified history of the great feat of the winners, for us is unacceptable”.

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