The Institute of Bioorganic chemistry and PJSC “farmsintez” will develop a vaccine from COVID-19

A new vaccine based on synthetic pseudovirion nanoparticles against coronavirus infection COVID-19, will be developed by the Institute of Bioorganic chemistry. M. M. Shemyakin and Y. A. Ovchinnikov Russian Academy of Sciences (IBCH RAS) and OJSC “pharmsynthez” until the end of 2020.

The basis of an experimental vaccine against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is original technology for creating synthetic pseudovirion nanoparticles based on liposome, vysokotrave to the receptor CD206 and containing recombinant fragments of the spike protein of the coronavirus along with their genetic coding vectors. The new vaccine will be available for clinical trials in early 2021.

Composite recombinant DNA protein vaccines are now considered a promising direction in the prevention of infections caused by different coronaviruses, primarily through the use of a mechanism that mimics the natural work of the human immune system. When introduced into the body synthetic pseudovirion nanoparticles deliver DNA and proteins directly to antigen-presenting cells of the immune system that provides for the development of a rapid and intense immune response, from both B-cell and T-cell immune system, and promotes formation of long and stable immune system.

“Despite the fact that already more than 70 companies worldwide announced the start of vaccine development from COVID-19, our formulation automatically includes a number of unique technological innovations that allow us to continue the development of a vaccine, – said academician Alexander Gabibov. “The basis of the earlier technology was pilot-tested on the models of infections caused by viruses of the influenza Sichuan strain, hepatitis b, hepatitis E and in all cases has demonstrated superiority”, – said the academician.

The joint work of the Institute of Bioorganic chemistry. M. M. Shemyakin and Y. A. Ovchinnikov Russian Academy of Sciences and JSC farmsintez on the creation and production of innovative vaccines against coronavirus infections SARS-CoV-2 includes several stages corresponding to the competences of the participants of this project. Unlike the accepted ways to create vaccines, for example, immunization of an organism weakened version of the virus, based on the proposed IBCH of the way is genetic engineering. According to academician Alexander Habibova, one of the advantages of this technology is that to create such a vaccine faster and also faster and cheaper to deploy its industrial production.

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