The IMF worsened the forecast. In 2020 the world economy will decline by 4.9%

The international monetary Fund said that the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 causes more severe damage to economic activity than originally anticipated. About it reports a press-service of the IMF on the Twitter page.

According to the updated forecast, the IMF expects a reduction in world output of 4.9% in the April forecast, the figure was 3%. The growth of the economy in 2021-m will also slow down to 5.4 percent (in the previous month predicted is 5.8%).

In the Eurozone, the IMF expects the decline for the current year by 2.7% to 10.2%, Russia by the International monetary Fund, expects the decline in GDP in 2020 to 6.6% and not 5.5% (as previously forecast).

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