The IAEA commented on the increased levels of radiation in Northern Europe

A slight increase in levels of radionuclides in Northern Europe poses no danger to human health or the environment. On 29 June, announced on its website the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA).

In an effort to help determine the possible origin of radioisotopes, IAEA, June 27, contacted the European countries and requested information on whether it was detected the excess of the indicators and whether there has been any event, possibly associated with release of radionuclides into the atmosphere. To noon June 29, 29 member States of the Agency in the European region, including Ukraine, said that their territory was not of events that would cause the observed concentrations of ruthenium-103, cesium-134 and cesium-137 in the atmosphere.

The data from Russia are not yet available.

“It is expected that more member States will provide us with the relevant information and data, and we will continue to inform the public,” said the Agency’s Director General Rafael Grossi.

The Executive Secretary of the preparatory Commission of the Treaty Organization the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban Lassina Zerbo on 26 June announced that the Swedish monitoring station detected traces of a high content of radioactive isotopes of cesium-134, cesium-137 and ruthenium-103.

National Institute of public health and environmental protection of the Netherlands on 28 June published a report which shows that the source of radionuclides could be in the West of Russia.

In “Rosenergoatom” to the Agency “Interfax” reported that accidents at nuclear power plants of the North-West of Russia in June were not recorded emissions at the stations did not exceed control values.

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