The IAEA called the cause of the increase of radiation near the borders of the Russian Federation

The increased levels of radiation over the territories of Scandinavia on the Northern borders of Russia can be connected with work on a nuclear reactor. On 3 July, according to the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA).

“The recent discovery of a small increase in the level of radioisotopes in Northern Europe, probably due to the nuclear reactor that is running or is in maintenance”, – stated in the message.

During maintenance of the reactor can occur extremely low emissions of radioactive substances. The geographical origin of the emission has not yet been determined, said the Agency.

According to them, the concentration of radioactive particles is very low, on human health and the environment no danger.

To determine the source of the ingress of radionuclides into the atmosphere will, if it will receive the information from the country where a release has occurred.

“The IAEA has ruled out the fact that the emission was associated with improper handling of a radioactive source. It is unlikely that he was connected with the plant for reprocessing of nuclear fuel, spent fuel or with the use of radiation in industry or medicine,” — concluded the Agency.

The Executive Secretary of the preparatory Commission of the Treaty Organization the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban Lassina Zerbo on 26 June announced that the Swedish monitoring station detected traces of a high content of radioactive isotopes of cesium-134, cesium-137 and ruthenium-103.

National Institute of public health and environmental protection of the Netherlands on 28 June published a report which shows that the source of radionuclides could be in the West of Russia.

In “Rosenergoatom” to the Agency “Interfax” reported that accidents at nuclear power plants of the North-West of Russia in June were not recorded emissions at the stations did not exceed control values.

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