The heirs of Arthur Conan Doyle have filed a lawsuit against Netflix for the excessive emotionality of supersudaca

The family of sir Arthur Conan Doyle have filed a lawsuit against Netflix for their upcoming movie “Enola Holmes”. The lawsuit alleges that the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes depicted in the film too emotional towards the female sex, which violates the copyright of the image created by sir Doyle.

Enola Holmes – girl series of novels by Nancy Springer, sister of the famous teen detective. The book has many elements from Doyle’s stories about Sherlock Holmes, and the majority of these elements today are not copyrighted thanks to a series of court decisions in early 2010-ies. Details 10 stories, however, is still owned by the Doyle family. Springer and as a consequence, the adaptation of Netflix using their key elements. The claim not only Netflix and Springer, but her publisher “Penguin random house” for the incurred financial losses. The condition is this: if the filmmakers want Sherlock Holmes expressed emotions, they have to pay.

The complaint spelled out that the classic stories, Holmes is known as “aloof and unemotional”. Then, stay by Arthur’s life experience is changing. After the first stories about Sherlock Holmes, the First world war, in which Conan Doyle buried his eldest son Arthur Avenue Kingsley and his brother, Brigadier-General Innes Doyle. When the writer returned to the books he was enough to the character of Holmes was only the personification of a brilliant analytical mind. He had become a man, and it was necessary to develop human connection and empathy.

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