The head of North Ossetia stated that they will not allow the celebration of victory in world war II on the anniversary of Beslan

The head of North Ossetia Vyacheslav Bitarov said that he will not allow the holding of festivities to mark the end of the Second world war on 3 September, the day of memory of victims of the terrorist attack in Beslan. Words Bitarova 2 may have led Telegram-channel “Rise”.

“Normal people not only in Ossetia, but across the world, always grieving. It is the pain of every human being, regardless of the injured had someone from the family or not. So what about the holiday in the country we can say and who invented it? I personally have no festivals in South Ossetia will not allow,” – said the head of the region.

He noted that understanding the organization of the celebration of victory in other regions.

“I was told that, historically confirmed that indeed the end of the war was on 3 September. With this I can not argue. And how can we prevent someone, for example, in the far East, one grandfather died in the war, to come to the memorial and lay flowers? No. But in the country what kind of person, who has at least a little bit of consciousness, is something to celebrate on this day?” – said Bitarov.

Russia traditionally celebrates the Victory Day on 9 may. This year pandemic coronavirus ceremony was postponed. One of the possible dates of the parade and other festivities called the anniversary of the end of the Second world war.

17 April, the Russian Parliament decided that the date of the end of world war II September 3, not September 2, as is customary throughout the world. On April 24 the bill was signed by President Vladimir Putin.

1 Sep 2004 the supporters of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria took hostage more than 1,200 students and teachers of school №1 in Beslan. As a result of terrorist attacks and the subsequent 3 September storming of the building by the special forces of the FSB of September 3 have killed 333 people, 186 of them children, over 800 were injured.

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