The head of diplomacy of EU has accused Russia and China of spreading misinformation about the coronavirus

Russia and China are spreading misinformation about the pandemic coronavirus. On 18 June, said the high representative of the Union for foreign Affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell, speaking at a European Parliament session devoted to countering the misinformation. The transcript of his speech published on the website of the European external action service.

According to the diplomat, the pandemic coronavirus “was accompanied by infoteria, a pandemic of misinformation”.

“We witnessed the wave of false and deceptive information and the exponential increase in the number of attempts influence of foreign players. We saw that misinformation can cause real damage. In the event of a pandemic, which affects people’s health, it is even more dangerous. We’ve seen misinformation about the fact that drinking bleach can cure the coronavirus. I’m not making any specific references, but, for example, it was said: “drink bleach and you’ll be safe” or that hand washing does not help,” said Borrell.

Also, according to him, the misinformation was the cause of the vandalism against the infrastructure of 5G connectivity in certain member States of the EU (according to one of the conspiracy theories, the coronavirus is spread using the 5G network).

Borrell said that the most active disinformation campaign conducted by China and Russia.

“Misinformation from Russian regions was to spread conspiracy theories, and campaigns aimed at the European Union, which was to disseminate information about the lack of solidarity and the internal crisis in the EU. China was much more active. Chinese sources promote his image, presenting the country best equipped to fight the pandemic and accusing democratic States not fight the virus. We can say that self-praise is what I do, but I think there are reasonable limits. It’s one thing to say that you consider yourself the best, and the other – to try to avoid responsibility”, – said the European diplomat.

About the involvement of Russia and China for a massive campaign of disinformation was also mentioned in the commissioners report, published on 10 June.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in December 2019 in China. March 11, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Amid the outbreak gaining popularity various fake theory about the origin of the virus, the impact of the towers 5G for infected people chipping earthlings develop a vaccine against COVID-19, etc.

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