The great Champions. The symbolical national team of Brazil the early 2000s

Brazil is one of the most popular national teams in fan circles, and almost regardless of geography. Of course, the largest number of fans of the Selecao come from this Sunny South American country, but also abroad sympathizers Brazilians enough – it was too bright, technical and skilful football they are able to demonstrate.

It is no coincidence that that is now Brazil is the most decorated team, if we are talking about the world Championships. Those in the asset team five, that is why this team is often called the “pentacampeon”. However, his last triumph, the Brazilians celebrated already in enough back in 2002. Obviously, the decade and was one of the best in the recent history of the Brazilian national team, and that’s why today we will collect the symbolic team of the players who played for the Selecao in the first decade of the 2000s.

Goalkeeper – DIDA

In Brazil Dida made his debut in 1995, when he played at home for the Cruzeiro. He later moved to Europe where he spent ten wonderful years at the gate of “Milan”. With this Italian team Dida has won two Champions League and one title of champion of Italy, but the main trophy in the career of goalkeeper was, of course, the victory in the world Cup in 2002 held in Japan and South Korea. That’s true, the tournament, like the previous one, which in 1998 was hosted by France, the bits spent on the bench. But if we are talking about the best goalkeeper of the national team of Brazil in the early 2000s, it is of bits, not played in the frame of the Selecao in the 2002 world Cup Marcos, undisputed No. 1. Only Brazil Dida spent 92 matches and football career was completed at the end of 2015. Now works as a goalkeeping coach for AC Milan U-17.

Right-back – Dani ALVES

At the 2002 world Cup right – “curb” in Brazil “plowed” unique and legendary Cafu, but a few years later he was replaced by a bright footballer, who became for the Selecao key for many years Dani Alves. He made his international debut in October 2006, with Dunga when he was on a contract in Spanish “Seville”. Subsequently, at club level, Dani Alves went on increasing, playing for the “Barcelona”, “Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain.” With the team the running back managed to win two of the confederations Cup and two Copa America, and only in a t-shirt of the Selecao Alves spent 118 games, his 8 goals. Now he’s 37 years old, and he continues to play, having the contract with “são Paulo”, which runs until the end of 2022-th.

Central defender LUCIO

In Brazil, Lucio made his debut in 2000. Then about him yet few people knew the player was 22 years old and he played for SC Internacional. Six months later, a contract defender for 8.5 million euros was bought by Bayer. Just as the football club Leverkusen Lucio went to the 2002 world Cup, where he spent all 7 matches of his team from whistle to whistle. In addition to gold at the world Cup, Lucio with the Brazil national team and also won two confederations Cup, but only played for the Selecao 105 appearances, scoring 4 goals. At club level career Lucio was also successful – he played for Bayern, inter and Juventus, winning the Champions League, the Italian champion and 3x German champion. Now Lucio 42 years, although his playing career he completed recently at the end of 2019.

Central defender JUAN

Although Juan was not in the Brazil squad for the 2002 world Cup, but it was in the early 2000s was in fact a regular partner Lucio in the centre of the defence team. In the main team of his country, Juan made his debut in 2001, when he was still a player “Flamengo”. A year later, the Bey went to Europe, signing a contract with Bayer, and after five years with Roma. He never managed to win any major trophy in his career, but without them entirely, he also left. In particular, with the national team of Brazil joão got two of the confederations Cup and two America’s Cup. Only “they” have spent 79 matches, scoring 7 goals. Playing career Giovanni was completed in April last year, now he is 41.

Left back – Roberto CARLOS

In the national team of Brazil Roberto Carlos made his debut already in the very distant February of 1992, when he played for “Atletico Mineiro”. Subsequently, this left the running back has played for the Selecao 125 matches his 11 goals. He played on three world cups in 1998, 2002 and 2006. After the world Cup in Germany, Roberto Carlos announced the end of their international careers, so in the symbolic team we found it, instead of Marcelo, who staked out the left “side” afterwards. On the club level, Roberto Carlos played until 2012, and the best years of his career spent certainly in the ranks of real Madrid. With real Madrid Carlos won 3 Champions League, 4 titles of Champions of Spain. Currently, Roberto Carlos 47 years old, and he works in management “real”.

Defensive midfielder – Gilberto SILVA

In the national team of Brazil Gilberto Silva made his debut in late 2001, when he was a player, “Atletico Mineiro”. A few months later, the tenacious midfielder was signed by Arsenal who had offered to risk 7 million euros. In the end, Arsenal bought a quality player in center field in six seasons, during which Gilberto Silva got a title of champion of England, and in 2006, came with the team to the Champions League final where it was beaten by Barcelona. In the national team of Brazil Gilberto Silva became world champion in 2002, after playing at that tournament in all 7 matches from whistle to whistle and remember the assist to Ronaldo in the semi-final against Turkey (1:0). Just a t-shirt of the Selecao midfielder has played 94 matches and scored 3 goals. Playing career finished in 2015, a little later after working as a sports Director of Panathinaikos.

Attacking midfielder RIVALDO

The debut of Rivaldo in Brazil occurred in late 1993, when the player had a contract with Corinthians as well. After three seasons, the Brazilian will fly to Europe, where betting on him to do the “athletic”, but still only a year Rivaldo will play for Barcelona. Alas, one of the best players of that time arrived in Catalonia is not the best for “blaugranas” times, but in five years has won two titles of champion of Spain. Then moved to Milan, where he spent just one season but won the Champions League. In Brazil the main triumph Rivaldo was, of course, winning the 2002 world Cup. Just for the seleção he played 75 matches his 35 goals. International career ended in late 2003, but at club level played until summer of 2015. Now Rivaldo 48 years old and his last job in football was as Advisor to the leadership of the Brazilian club “Mogi Mirim”.

Attacking midfielder – KAKA

Alas, Kaka played quite a bit of shoulder-to-shoulder with Rivaldo. It is difficult even to imagine what would be the couple in the center of the field they would make up for the Selecao, if you would have played at least 5-7 years. But Kaka for the Brazilian national team debut on 31 January 2002, when he played for the “San Paulo”. Just a couple of months, the midfielder was enough to convince the coaching staff to take young talent at the world Cup finals 2002 in Japan and Korea. There’s a young player has played only 18 minutes as a substitute in anything it is meant the match against Costa Rica (5:2) at a stage of group tournament. But the title of world champion Kaka got to which in the ranks of the national team then added two more gold medals on the Cup of confederations. At club level successfully played for “Milan” and “real”. His playing career was completed at the end of 2017, now Kaka for 38 years.

Winger – ROBINHO

His career unfolded like a fairy tale. In 19 years as a player of Santos, Robinho made his debut for the Brazil national team. Two years later the contract of the Brazilian bought the “real” one where Robinho managed to become the double champion of Spain. Then came the move to Manchester city for the incredible at that time 43 million euros. However, England hopes Robinho failed, after which he was forced to play on loan for native “Santos” before you get a chance to prove himself in Milan. During this time, with regular calls to the Brazil national team, Robinho managed to win with the Selecao two confederations Cup and one Copa America. Just on account of his 100 matches for the national team and scored 29 goals. And not being able to realize their potential to full, now Robinho is still playing. He is 36, and before the end of this season he’s bound by a contract with the Turkish club “Istanbul Basaksehir”.


His first match for the national team of Brazil Ronaldinho spent the summer of 1999, when he stepped into the starting lineup for the friendly match against Latvia. The Selecao defeated opponent with the score 3:0, and Ronaldinho scored two assists. The 2002 world Cup “the Wizard” played 5 games, recording 2 goals and 3 assists. His technique and ability to handle the ball was a real phenomenon. The feint Ronaldinho played with such grace, whom in modern football, perhaps, can not boast of no one, not even Messi or Neymar. Just for the seleção, Ronaldinho had 97 appearances, his 33 goals. At club level he played for “Paris St Germain”, “Barcelona” and “Milan” became the owner of “Golden ball” in 2005. However, almost all reviewers evaluating career Ronaldinho said he would and was obliged to do more. Prevented levity and character of the Brazilian football… he said goodbye in 2018, although for a long time could not find a club. Now the “Wizard” gets in the news chronicle because of vintage materials, or because of the scandals in which he manages to get almost regularly.

Centre forward – RONALDO

It was called “Shoot” and “Phenomenon”, but what is important is that Ronaldo is one of the most talented players not only in the history of Brazil, but of the whole of world football. The level of talent it probably can be safely put on a par with Pele and Maradona, and to achieve Ronaldo has been considerable. At club level he played for Barcelona, inter, real Madrid and AC Milan, but the Brazilian national team won two world Championships – in 1994 and 2002. Just for the seleção, Ronaldo played 98 matches, 62 goals catching the eye. More for the Brazilian national team in history, only Pele scored 77 goals. Also, it should be noted that Ronaldo twice won the “Golden ball” in times when the competition for this prestigious individual trophy too high. With football Ronaldo said goodbye in 2011 as a player, but altogether the game is not abandoned. Now Ronaldo for 43 years, and in the fall of 2018, he is the owner and President of the Spanish “Valladolid”.


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