The grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau is working on creating the underwater station “Proteus”

Fabien Cousteau, grandson of the eminent scientist-oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, as his grandfather had devoted his life to the research of the ocean depths, and in 4 years he first dived with an aqualung (which, by the way, invented just Jacques Cousteau). Today, Fabien 52 years.

One of his latest projects – month research mission on Board the American undersea laboratory “Aquarius” at a depth of 19 metres off the coast of Florida in 2013.

Then, seven years ago, Fabien was dissatisfied with his underwater housing, so today in collaboration with designer Yves Behar is working to create the biggest lab. It is named after the sea God Proteus. According to the creators, she can descend to a depth of over 100 meters.

Proteus will be a spiral two-storey structure on stilts, able to adapt to the profile of the seabed. Sources of energy for the station will be the wind, the sun and converted the thermal energy of the ocean.

To the basic module “Proteus” will be adjacent a number of capsules that will contain labs, medical bays, life support systems, recreation areas and warehouses.

The largest compartment is the “Moon pool” – a hole in the floor of the dock underwater vehicles. To accommodate the world’s first underwater vegetable garden and equipment for movies.

In case of successful implementation of the project “Proteus” will find its first resting place off the coast of curaçao in the Caribbean sea at a depth of 17 meters. “Underwater ISS” will be available for visiting divers, where they can stay for a long time without long decompression at each increase.

Fabien Cousteau also promised to organize regular live online broadcasts, which will talk about their research.

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