The government needs to clarify the sales of drugs and vaccines to combat COVID-19

The pharmaceutical market is waiting for guidance from the regulator on medicinal range of drugs used in the treatment of coronavirus infection which must be present on the pharmacy shelves. This was during a special discussion session during the exhibition-forum “nation Health – a basis of prosperity of Russia” on August 11, said industry experts.

The first test of retail drug stores has become a surge of buying activity in March, when the background coronavirus hysteria, people began to stock up on various medicines for the future. “When it is understood that the pandemic came to the country, the demand narrowed to antiviral agents, and in certain moments had the specific deficits of drugs, — said General Director of “Rigla” Alexander Filippov. — After reading some information in the media and on the Internet, people decided that the drugs they need to have.”

The expert stressed that the demand for cheap drugs were provided mainly by domestic producers. “In this price range, the sales growth of domestic drugs amounted to 38%, while import fell by 9%” — said Filippov.

The problem is that no distributor, pharmacies did not know what range you need to provide in terms of this pandemic. Understanding, than it will be to treat, came intuitively – said the Executive Director of the Union of professional pharmaceutical organizations Liliya Titova. “There is the concept of the minimum of the range of pharmacy, which they must hold in any case, so it would be nice to have some recommendations – what should be the minimum range used in COVID-19, which should be guided by the manufacturer, distributor and pharmacy chain, — said the expert. — If there is such a forecast, then manufacturers will be able to buy the necessary substances to the extent necessary, to allocate production capacity”.

She also noticed that in a course there was such a thing as a hospital at home when cases of coronavirus infection are not taken to the hospital and they are treated at home and receive free drugs. Whether to keep this practice in the future season? After all, it is necessary to form some stock of such drugs. “And if the manufacturer is not important, who will pay for them, then distributor it is important to understand whether these drugs sold in pharmacies by the patients themselves or they will be procured by the entities on a tender basis. This different distribution channels” — said Titov.

A similar question will arise in relation to sales of vaccines: there are many people who do not go to hospitals for fear of Contracting, and would prefer to be vaccinated privately. Will they be able to buy the vaccine at a pharmacy to get vaccinated in private clinics? Such issues, according to Lilia Titova, will soon be put before the experts of the market population and media.

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