The Ghanaian authorities invited all African Americans to move to Africa because of discrimination in the United States

Ghana is ready to welcome each ethnic Africans who wants to get away from racism in the United States. About this June 5, said the Minister of tourism, arts and culture of Ghana Barbara Dr. Oteng-Steven, according to Ghana Web.

The Dr. Oteng-Steven expressed hope that the death of the African-American George Floyd will put an end to racism not only in USA but throughout the world. She stressed that “racism in America remains a deadly pandemic for more than 400 years.”

According to the publication, Ghana last year opened the country for the reception of Africans in the Diaspora in the framework of a government initiative called the “Year of return”. This year, the government launched an initiative “Beyond return”, to help Africans from the Diaspora to settle in Ghana and invest in the economy.

In this regard, the Dr. Oteng-Steven noted that Ghana is ready to welcome every African in the Diaspora, which is ready to return to the continent “away from the racial abuse that they have suffered for about 400 years.”

African American George Floyd died in Minneapolis on may 25 after a tough police detention. Forensic examination confirmed that the death was caused by strangulation (a police officer with his knee pinned Floyd to the asphalt, becoming on his neck).

His death provoked mass protests (sometimes with riots and acts of vandalism), first in Minneapolis and then in the whole country.

In clashes in nine States, killed 11 people, among them – both police and demonstrators.

Four employees of police of Minneapolis, who participated in the arrest of Floyd, was charged.

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