The Germans posthumously won the ECHR case against Luzhkov

Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov posthumously won the case against the former mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov in the European court of human rights (ECHR). The court’s decision was published on 23 June.

The lawsuit between the politicians was the report “Luzhkov. The results”, which the Germans produced in 2009 in collaboration with Vladimir Milov. The report has accused Luzhkov of corruption. The newspaper “Kommersant” has published the report notes.

Luzhkov has addressed in court with the claim about protection of honor and dignity. In November 2009 the Zamoskvoretskiy district court of Moscow partially satisfied the claim of defamation, in February 2010 the Moscow city court left the decision in force. In favor of Luzhkov, the court ordered the amount of 500 thousand rubles. (at the time – €11 430).

Nemtsov appealed to the European court on human rights in June 2010. After the assassination of politician in 2015, his daughter Jeanne Nemtsov told the court about the intention to continue the trial instead of the father.

The ECHR decision said that in a case that Luzhkov won in 2009, had violated the rights of Nemtsov and the Kommersant newspaper on freedom of expression.

“The fact that [set out in the report] the facts are not subject to an official investigation [in Russian], does not mean that they were wrong or inaccurate. After just a few months after the end of the process of defamation of the President of Russia has dismissed Luzhkov from his dueosti in connection with loss of trust”, – said in the decision.

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