The foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan weather forecast “politically incorrect”

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan expressed outrage at the weather forecast, announced on July 27 on air of broadcasting company “Mir”, the story called “professionally illiterate”. About it it is spoken in the press release of the foreign Ministry.

Journalist Azamat Zeev told that the reason for the expected in the next few days in Tajikistan, the hot weather is the flow of warm air, received from Iran through the territory of Turkmenistan.

“The wind flows from the Middle East region, influencing the formation of climate in Central Asia in the face of geographic terrain, change direction. In many cases, the wind speed decreases and its impact on the climate of countries at a considerable distance from desert-steppe zones of the Middle East and is surrounded by high mountains, is minimized. In this context, the statement that “hot” wind flows from Iran via Turkmenistan has reached these days the territory of Tajikistan, does not hold water,” said the Turkmen diplomats.

In addition, Ashgabat, taking into account the spread of coronavirus infection, said the message of Tajik journalist “politically incorrect, said in a statement.

“We believe that any reference to specific names of any country in the context of movement of air masses with/or through its territory might arouse suspicion in the transfer of dangerous infections in other countries. Therefore, the Turkmen side, noting the political myopia of the correspondent who prepared and distributed the information, stresses the inadmissibility of violations of the prevailing international practice, norms of political ethics”, – said the foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan.

Officially, the government of Turkmenistan does not establish that in the country there are cases COVID-19. On 31 March, the organization “reporters without borders” reported that the authorities prohibited the use of the word “coronavirus”.

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