The foreign Ministry of Belarus has deprived of accreditation of journalists of the Russian “First channel” after story about the outbreak of coronavirus in the country

On may 6, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus has deprived of accreditation of film crew of the Russian “First channel”, informed the Agency “Interfax-West” a press-Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Belarus Anatoly Eyes.

He noted that this decision was made tostrengthen the Ministry of foreign Affairs for accreditation of foreign journalists, but did not specify its cause.

Eyes said that we are talking about the “two Bureau”.

In a statement on the website of the channel saidthat it binds the decision of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus with the coverage of the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the country.

“Our channel considers the actions of the Belarusian authorities are absolutely groundless,” – said on the “First channel”.

The press service of the channel said to”Interfax”that one correspondent was deported from Belarus.

May 6 on “the First channel” came the story about the epidemic of coronavirus in Belarus. Journalists noted that mass events have resulted in “a sharp deterioration in the viral environment” in the country. The presenter stated that the official statistics from local residents is not credible. Were also filmed shots of the “fresh graves” in the cemetery of the Belarusian city Columns. “The date of death is approximately the same. This is the end of April, when Belarus first started talking about the unprecedented outbreak of coronavirus in Columns”, – said in the story the journalist Alexei Kruchinin.

Kruchinin confirmed TUT.BYthat he was deprived of accreditation.

State TV channel “Belarus 1” took the story-response to the report of the “First channel”, and said that Russian colleagues had made “a minimum of seven fakes”. “If three weeks ago the main instigators of the “MediaNet” were Internet garbage: an anonymous Telegram-channels and bloggers with a garbage reputation, but today the leaders by the number of lies out of the Federal “First channel”, – said belloruskogo journalists.

Belarus is one of the few European countries where there were strict restrictions in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. The President of the country Alexander Lukashenko said that the need, “we need to think about what will happen to the economy”. The United Nations criticized the decision of the Belarusian authorities and called upon the Belarusians to stay home.

As of the morning of 6 may in Belarus was confirmed by 19 of 255 cases of infection with coronavirus, has died, 112 people (official statistics may 7, forthcoming).

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