The first loss of Jones could not be. All because of a stupid swarm

While a large box, like the rest of the sport because of the pandemic of the coronavirus in the pause browser recalls iconic battles in the Boxing world. Today is about the first defeat of Roy Jones.

Roy Jones is one of the most important figures in Boxing history. His reflexes and overall balance struck and rivals for a long time only to get, not knowing how to act against this monster. But the first destruction of an American from Montella Griffin – complete stupidity and lack of self control.

What has made Jones and his opponent before the match?

In the first thirty four games Roy looked awesome. Chance of anyone to defeat him fundamentally was not. On account of Jones victory over Bernard Hopkins, James Toney and many other tough fighters who just didn’t know what to do with this guy.

Roy is not just won due to the Boxing level. He has exhibited most of the opponents fools, laughed with them, flirted with the audience and staged the show, the final of which was often a deep knockout the opponent. Jones along with Mike Tyson was the epitome of the era. Powerful, skilful, able in the ring almost everything.

In the thirty-fifth professional fight Jones met with Montella Griffin – boxer who was the complete opposite of Roy. He had the talent, and got their way, mainly due to the hard work and pressure. Some experts talked about the difficulties for Jones. Others do not believe that Griffin will be able to arrange real fight Jones.

Although the preconditions were. Montell – methodical and calm fighter. Exactly what it takes to win over this igrovym Roy. He thrust, loved the power and Boxing to fight at close range. And twice more, albeit controversial, win of James Toney. And yet, he hired coach George Frazier – Eddie Fatcha.

That is, he was not a whipping boy, while those in the background of Jones looked almost everything.

And that Griffin’s plan work?

From the first rounds Montell have shown that Roy is not afraid and ready to fight. He went forward and began to work with the first number and put pressure on him. And still – tried to handle the body to slow rolling the opponent.

Left side Jones refused to work as it should – Griffin leveled it, trying to get closer and to impose on the opponent power box. By the middle of the battle became clear: Montell leads on points, and Roy needs to stop playing and indulge, and it’s time to turn. This guy will not give up easily.

Actually, that’s exactly what Jones did. The first match was leveled, and then passed into the hands of Roy. He got better, and Griffin, as if he didn’t physically pulled the pressure and non-stop work against this opponent, and began to fail physically. In the seventh round, the first knockdown.

It is not quite clear whether it was a full knockdown or Montell slipped, but the referee decided to open an account. Griffin immediately rushed to recoup and return the lost points and lost the round, but it became increasingly clear that Roy takes this fight on points and will do so more and more confident with each round.

In the ninth round Griffin missed really and it took. Montell tried to find a point of contact that will stop his long fall, and Jones chased him in an attempt to get. Got. Several blows in a row, which led to the fact that the opponent was down on one knee. Jones hesitated for a moment, and then loaded, first with right and then left.

Montell fell face down and did not rise until the end of the reference the referee, who gave the go-ahead, but a minute later it was announced that Jones disqualifiziert strikes after the command.

Jones was angry, but it wouldn’t work

Naturally, this caused an uproar in the corner of Roy and his team, who had already celebrated another early victory. The American was very angry and accused in the first place, the referee.

According to Jones, if the referee believed that there is a knockdown – had to stop, and if not, then why it disqualifiziert? The referee replied that the team had to do to beat the boxer, the third contact point to the ring impossible.

Actually, both are right, but the decisive role was played by the fall face-forward from Griffin. Yes, the referee made a mistake and should have been closer to the fighters at this moment of the fight, instead of running somewhere behind. On the other hand, beat the lying or sitting opponent can not in any case. But Roy would not be disqualified, if not for a knockout, which, as suspected even then, Jones was not.

Larry merchant, who took an interview of Griffin, was asked why, after two strokes, he first stiffened, and then fell, alluding to the fact that no knockout wasn’t there. Montell denied, kicking on the power of shock and surprise, given the fact that he did not defend himself.

In the end, this defeat became the first in the career of a Prime Jones, which seemed impossible to win. Most likely, in another way then to win, however, was impossible.

And so that’s all left?

No. Roy said he wanted a rematch, and when Montell started talking more literally demanded it and five months later they met again.

Jones climbed into the ring in a makeshift tuxedo, showing that he is a real gentleman, but with a rival won’t become. Griffin-by the time he left the coach and about any plans or mercy from the opponent could not go and speeches. Roy came to destroy.

From the first seconds of the American snatched on the opponent’s stitched protection at different angles and Montell cracked. The knockout in the rematch is one of the most spectacular victories in the career of Jones. Griffin tried to rise to at least sit down, but in vain.

The king of Boxing of that time back as it was.

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