The famous “Treasure Fenno” was found – but the passion around it continue to boil

Forrest Fenn, the art dealer, who ten years ago stashed away in the Rocky mountains of the United States treasure, reported that his finally found. But he immediately added no details to disclose yet will not be as asked himself lucky treasure hunter. The proof of the finds are the photos that you sent yourself Fenno.

Fenn reported that the information came from Santa Fe, new Mexico. It is the southernmost tip of the Rocky mountains. And this provokes the discontent of other treasure hunters who were looking for a hiding place in a much harsher Northern areas of the Rocky mountains. We will remind, according to official data, in the search for the Treasure Fenno has killed five people, the last one a few weeks ago.

The essence of all claims: Fenn a liar, and a description of the location of the treasure seekers deliberately turns the wrong way. Otherwise the hundreds of people who claim to have solved the mystery, would long ago have found it. But they examined a variety of suitable places and found nothing – what is not cheating?

Furthest along an estate lawyer from Chicago Barbara Andersen, who claims that he solved the mystery and has proceeded to the desired point. But a mysterious person was watching her, and then “cheated”, so the treasure chest was not there. And now she intends to defend in court their right to the treasure, in particular, requires a ban on the sale of the contents of the chest or extract a financial benefit. Evidence of his innocence Andersen has not yet presented, so we cannot rule out another fraudulent scheme.

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