The expert group was asked to eliminate the shortage of PPE for health care workers

The expert group, which included doctors, medical experts and leaders of charities, appealed to Vitu Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and Minister of health Michael Murashko with a request to take urgent measures due to the shortage of PPE for health workers. The problem is important to solve until the second wave of coronavirus, says RBC.

In a letter to the members of the group pay attention to the continuing shortage of PPE for health care workers and organizational and resource problem in hospitals. Experts also propose to revise the documents regulating the procurement of commodities, as the existing system in conditions of a pandemic “paralyse the health system”. Especially important, the letter, to ensure protection of doctors in the second wave of the pandemic, which may occur in the fall.

According to a survey of health care workers, the experts came to the conclusion that almost half (49%) of cases in medical institutions not using a clear algorithm for calculating the requirements for means of individual protection. This algorithm is not spelled out in the latest version of the provisional methodological recommendations of the Ministry of health, said in the letter.

Another issue that was identified in the survey — the fear of a significant part of respondents to speak openly about the lack of protection. 43% of the interviewed physicians described the theme of security protection as a “dangerous and risky for any comment and discussion”. “The situation is aggravated also used to curb speech on the topic COVID-19 the prohibition in the administrative code for dissemination of false information, which only enhances the atmosphere of fear and forces to transmit information in open sources and anonymously through third parties, which leads to distortion of information,” say the authors of the letter.

According to experts, the Russian production of respirators, protective suits and medical gloves may not completely cover the need for these products. The need for respirators, closed at 27%, gloves — 17%, and domestic production of anti-plague suits covers only 11% of what is needed.

A number of means of individual respiratory protection, protective suits from the membrane, which are required for doctors who do not have a registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor and cannot be purchased by hospitals, say the authors.

According to the authors of the letter requires improvement the system of public procurements in the context of pandemic coronavirus. Limits on purchases lead to the fact that the results of the procurement procedure is chosen, the supplier of goods of low quality at inflated prices. Now limit purchases from a single supplier is 600 thousand rubles, while the annual volume of procurement that can be implemented thus, or should not exceed RUB 2 million, or not to exceed 10% of the total annual volume of the customer. The authors of the letter asking for the restrictions to reduce or completely cancel.

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