The exoskeleton Harmony SHR will help to get rid of the effects of stroke

Often the process of rehabilitation of stroke survivors, takes many months and even years. This situation is poised to change the robotic exoskeleton upper body SHR developed by Bionics Harmony (TX).

The exoskeleton is used in a sitting position. Its two articulated arms gently connected hands of the patient. They support them and provide them the opportunity to keep in time with pre-programmed individual exercises that help the patient to perform essential daily activities.

Usually the attending physician does this work manually, which is physically exhausting. The idea of SHR is that it will allow the patient to do more reps of each exercise.

The system can also be used in “mirror” mode, in which the robot hand just reproduces the movements of a healthy hand of the patient. In addition, the exoskeleton can compensate for the consequences of these injuries like a dislocated shoulder, repeating natural range of motion of the affected joint without the risk of re-injury.

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