The European hamster is under threat of extinction

The international Union for conservation of nature added the European hamsters in the list of animals that are endangered. About it said on the website of the Union.

Studies have shown that the population reduction is probably due to a reduced level of fruitfulness. While during most of the twentieth century the female hamster was on the average 20 children per year, today they have five to six young per year.

Reasons for the decline in rate of reproduction are still not well understood, but scientists are considering options for the expansion of monoculture plantations, industrial development, global warming and pollution.

As a result, the rodent disappeared from three quarters of its original habitat in the French Alsace region, at least one third of its range in Germany and more than 75% of the area in Eastern Europe. If nothing changes, it is expected that the species will disappear within the next 30 years, say in the organization.

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