The electro Skadu will destroy all the dirt in your home

Skadu – new brush-machine , which easily cleans any dirty surface in the house. Ergonomic design and three rotating scraper make cleaning fun. They allow you to keep your hands away from dirt and chemical cleaning agents. And the additional elongated nozzle perfect for cleaning bottles and cans with a narrow neck.

Skadu comes with three different nozzles for different surfaces and the degree of ingrained dirt. Nozzles are the PDT (Planetary Distribution Technology), it distributes the engine’s power to the three scraper and allows them to rotate in opposite directions – that is, the rotation in different directions helps to fight pollution. For delicate surfaces in the set are three pads that prevent scratches. And rigid copper scraper will remove stubborn the oil dirt accumulated on the utensils and the walls over the years.

The developers Skadu has designed its engine with its own technology Hyper Lychee, which permits the pressure to 8 kg/cm twist-go allows you to quickly and easily change accessories. It also enables developers to continue designing new tips.

To unleash the full potential Skadu helps mobile app. With it read the feedback with 6 different gauges of brush. The app also has a section connected to the community where you can ask questions and share cleaning tips with other owners Skadu.

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