The Director General of the who: the Situation with COVID-19 in Europe improves, but on a global scale it becomes worse

Coronavirus a pandemic in global scale is growing, and in countries where there is improvement, it is impossible to stop the counter-virus. This was at the briefing on 8 June, said Director General of the world health organization tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus, reports the press service of the who.

“Although the situation in Europe is improving on a global scale it becomes worse,” – said the head of the who, noting that 75% of new infections in recent days have North and South America, and South Asia.

For countries where the epidemic situation is improving, the main enemy is complacency, warned Ghebreyesus.

“The results of the research, determining what portion of the population has been exposed to the virus show that most people in the world can still be vulnerable to infection. We call for active surveillance to ensure that the coronavirus will not return. This is especially important due to the fact that different countries are once again beginning to hold mass meetings,” said the CEO.

He said that even after six months of the epidemic early to “take the foot off the pedal” in the fight against coronavirus.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in late 2019 in China. March 11, 2020, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to information of the American Johns Hopkins University, in the world COVID-19 sick over 7 million people, more than 400 thousand of them died.

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