The defense Ministry of Japan will develop protocols for dealing with UFO sightings

The defense Ministry of Japan plans to draw up protocols for encounters with UFOs. This decision was taken after the us Pentagon released videos of unidentified flying objects, writes the Japan Times on may 2.

I particular, the Ministry of Japan will consider procedures for responding to, recording and reporting in cases of collision with a UFO, because without this there can be confusion among the pilots, the newspaper notes.

According to the current protocols, if an unidentified plane enters the airspace of Japan, fighters urge him to change course in English. After determining which country owns the Board, the request is repeated in the language of this country. If the plane is still in Japanese airspace, the Air force can shoot signal rockets to make it to land. However, it is unclear whether such procedures are effective against a UFO, writes the Japan Times.

Defense Minister Taro Kono said he did not believe in UFOs, but after the publication of the Pentagon videos would like to receive from them the analysis of these data.

On 27 April, the Pentagon released three short video which show unidentified flying objects. The video was filmed by military pilots using an infrared camera, one in November 2004 and two in January 2015. Unauthorized videos posted in open access a few years ago. U.S. Department of defense already confirmed their authenticity, but now first published record. In a statement, the Pentagon said that the Agency wants to “clarify any misunderstandings” about whether they are real.

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