The defense Ministry of Azerbaijan made a strike at the nuclear power plant in Armenia

Azerbaijan is able to launch a missile attack on the Armenian nuclear power plant, which is located in the city of Metsamor. As reports Oxu.Az, on 16 July, said the head of the press service of the defense Ministry of Azerbaijan Vagif Dargyakhli, commenting on assumptions about the readiness of Armenia to attack the dam of the Mingachevir reservoir.

“Armenia should not forget that the new missile systems that are in service with the armed forces of Azerbaijan is able to take an accurate shot at the Metsamor nuclear power plant that will be a catastrophe for Armenia,” said Dargahi.

According to him, Relief of the district of Mingachevir reservoir, held at the dam strengthening works, as well as air defense of Azerbaijani army were not allowed to strike at this strategic object.

Official reports about the intention of Yerevan to attack reservoir was not. On the website on 16 July, an article appeared that describes the hypothetical consequences of dam due to natural (earthquake) or military reasons.

Clashes on Armenian-Azerbaijani border started on 12 July. According to the version of the Azerbaijani side, the units of Armenian armed forces to seize positions in the Tovuz direction attempted attack with artillery. The Armenian side claims that the servicemen of the Azerbaijani armed forces attempted to cross the Armenian border in the direction of Tavush and grab a foothold.

13 Jul conflict at the border continued. The Azerbaijani defense Ministry informedthat the Azeri troops destroyed a strong point in the territory of Armenia, artillery, vehicles and “manpower”. At the same time, the Armenian defense Ministry reported about “provocative actions” of the Azeri side.

Baku has reported 11 killed in fighting in Tovuz district, among them major-General Polad Hashimov.

Armenian army killed four, followed from a message in Facebook Prime Minister of the country Nikol Pashinian.

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