The Cup Of Italy. Milan and Napoli want to save the season, inter want a trophy

The Minister of sports of Italy Vincenzo Spadafora admits there was a time when he was afraid to resume the season will not work. But, the country is gradually coming around and three months later, football is back.

Already the 17 th of June will be awarded the Cup of Italy. The decision to play the semifinals and finals over five days, caused a wave of discontent. President “Milan”, Paolo Scaroni said that it is unacceptable to play an important trophy in such conditions, and inter, according to Italian media, threatened to field the youth team. All of which has made complaints – the matches are shifted by one day.

“Juventus” will take “Milan” 12 June, “Napoli” will play with “inter” – the 13th. Who would not make it to the finals it will be a decent team. However, now, in Parimatch predict that the trophy will play for Juventus and Napoli.

Milan and Napoli winning the Cup will open the way to European cups

On the one hand, it is logical not to put the Cup in priority, when in front of 12 League matches in six weeks. On the other, the situation faced AC Milan and SSC Napoli makes to try to succeed in the Cup. Neapolitans are in a Series And sixth, the Milanese seventh, a place in European competition is in doubt for both teams. There is a much shorter way is to win the Cup of Italy. Representatives of both clubs at the start of the season sounded very different tasks: “Napoli” was going to fight for the scudetto, Milan sought to the Champions League. But the words match the actions.

In the first semifinal match at San Siro the Rossoneri played with Juventus 1:1, and was not without scandal – Juventus equalized in the last minute with a questionable penalty. Milan then felt: lost one match out of nine, before the meeting with Juventus issued a hurricane 45 minutes in the Derby (2:0 after the first half against inter, 2:4 after the final whistle). But the chances of the finale was still minimal – Juventus hasn’t lost at home against Italian teams, from April 2018. Now, four months later, the scenario for Milan, didn’t get better. No two major players: Theo hernández (suspended) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (suspended and injured). Not be the game tone – after such a long downtime Juventus looks better at least due to more high-end players. The relevant Parimatch odds: 3.70 to pass commands Pioli, 1.30 – at Juve.

In “Milan” a revolution planned, in Napoli, she was held – this was sufficient to dismiss Carlo Ancelotti. Exit from the Champions League group stage was not enough for the championship, the Neapolitans too behind the group leaders. To cheer up the team called Gennaro Gattuso, and despite skepticism, the plan of the President De Laurentiis worked. In their last nine games before the pause Napoli have lost only one.

1:0 with inter, 1:1 with Barcelona in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League – results, Napoli have no complaints, according to the new style of the game matters more. Not all fans are like that Gattuso is making the team that recently when Maurizio Sarri was considered one of the brightest in Europe. Now in “Napoli” I appreciate reliability in defence, don’t like risk, and a spectacular football prefer effective. Surry Napoli didn’t win anything, but at least it was beautiful. Gattuso with his pragmatic principles in two matches from the trophy. Victory over inter at the party – a very important step to the final, after which Parimatch assesses the chances of the Neapolitans on the success of the optimistic coefficient of 1.40. In “inter”, whose two wins at the “San Paolo” for nine years, KEF 3.00.

Conte wants to start at inter with a win

In the case of reaching the final of the Cup, inter will play three matches in eight days – in this regard, there were rumors that Antonio Conte can hit the ceiling and release the return semifinal against Napoli youth team. But it is unlikely it would come to this – Conte is not going to commit suicide, when you have a chance to compete for the Cup. Inter never won anything since 2011, and Antonio came with one goal – just win.

The main goal is the title, but then the cards are not in the hands of inter. For lost points, with inter are behind Juventus on six and Lazio – five. And both rivals inter have lost just before the pause: 1:2 in Rome, 0:1 in Turin. The team Conte is necessary not just to complete the remainder of the championship, but hope for the mistakes of the leaders of Serie A. most Likely, after an outage, unexpected results will be enough, Juventus and Lazio are unlikely to do without losses. But there is no guarantee that inter will be perfect.

To depart from the zone of the Champions League will be even more difficult than to take the scudetto. The Cup in this situation – not a necessity, but a matter of prestige. Be the second in a Series of a – loss for Conte, but a loss in his perception of football is a small death. Success in the Cup need not only Antonio, but also “inter”, because nine years without a trophy is better than a decade without significant victories. But the chances of Napoli in the finals, and thus to win the Cup – above. The chances that Kopp will leave the Naples 3.50. Kopp have black and blue Milan team – 6.00.

Juventus are just used to win

Juventus will host AC Milan – 1.30. Juve will win the Cup – 1.70. Quotes in favor of them based not only on their leadership in the championship – the Old lady took Kopp to four times of their last five draws.

Home draw against the team of Maurizio Sarri gives a ghostly hope for Milan, but Juventus nine years unbeaten Rossoneri in his field, and there is no reason to assume that the series will stop in the near future. About the problems of them talked a lot before the pause, but confident victory over inter showed that pessimism is exaggerated. It is impossible with absolute certainty to say that Juventus will continue exactly from the same place where you left off, but I think the advantage that Juventus will still be at least the depth of the composition.

“Cristiano Ronaldo will come back stronger than ever!”, – exclaim Italian media, and in the case of CR7 no one will be surprised if it turns out to be true. Exactly the same with Juventus, and obviously the team of Sarri was not at peak level, she has potential. Successful restart in the Cup will bring them not just another trophy in the priorities of the club Kopp in third place. Much more important is the psychological factor after the first major victory should be much easier.

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