The cost of dipyrone in June grew by 26.5%

In June, Russia drastically increased the prices of a popular analgesic drug dipyrone, I find “Izvestia”. The main reason is the rising cost of imported pharmaceutical substances of which make even the domestic tablet. Because of this soon-to-rise prices for other drugs, experts warn.

The average price of domestic dipyrone in June rose by 26.5 per cent to 17 rubles per pack, from the data of the Unified interdepartmental information-statistical system (EMISS). Talking about ten tablets at a dosage of 500 mg. In June 2019 this pack cost 14 rubles.

The sharp rise in prices of analgin is confirmed by the data of the analytical company DSM Group. Depending on the drug and the manufacturer, the price rose to 38%. More all has risen in price packing analgin with 10 tablets manufacturer “Medisorb”, and 20 tablets from the company “Aveksima” 38% up to 14 and 65 rubles, respectively. 34% became more expensive pain reliever from “tatchempharmpreparaty”. Not as much but still significantly increased the retail price of analgin from companies “PFK Obnovlenie” (24%), bioteck (23%), “dal’khimfarm” (20%), Pharmstandard (16-20% depending on method of production). The Baralgin from Sanofi (composition same as dipyrone) even fell by 11%, but still more expensive counterparts and is 215 rubles per pack of 20 tablets.

The rise in price is connected with increase of cost of imported pharmaceutical substances, said the General Director DSM Group Sergey shuljak. However, the contribution of foreign currency component here is minimal: the strengthening of the dollar by about 15% gives about 5% increase in prices, he said. “Pharmaceutical substances for cold sores come mainly from China and India. In these countries the pandemic coronavirus stopped production. A deficit of substances, and prices rose. Or suppliers were warned about the rise in price, and pharmaceutical companies are laid in the price funds for the purchase”, — explained Sergey Shulyak.

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