The cosmic forces of the United States received instead of starships horse

The newly created Space, the US armed forces that are designed to use the most advanced technologies got its first vehicle. However, the military isn’t a prototype starship, as you might expect, but a living horse named Ghost. This makes a lot of sense to fly military astronauts is not yet in sight, and the horses are well where stuck SUVs and ATVs.

From publicly available information it is known that directly with the Space forces of the United States will be introduced soon in the foreseeable future. While they are busy getting settled at a military air base Vandenberg, the fifth largest among mainland bases of the United States. The base is huge and the terrain is extremely difficult – at such a location it is best to move it on the horses.

The Ghost refers to a purely American breed, the so-called “quarterhorse”. The name comes from the phrase “a quarter mile” is a distance derived as a result of special breeding horses must run at maximum speed. Ghost is trained within the horses for military service, in which there are projects to capture and train wild Mustangs. So in addition to the functions of the patrol first American “space horse” will be able to help with the selection and education of four-legged recruits.

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