The constitutional court of Moldova has banned the government to take a loan from Russia

The constitutional court of Moldova, on 7 may, declared unconstitutional the law on ratification of the agreement with the Russian Federation about granting of a loan of €200 million it is reported by the Moldovan edition of the NewsMaker.

Thus, the CC upheld the complaint, associate of several opposition parties.

Publishing said that the opposition pointed to procedural violations in the preparation of the agreement and its danger to the national interests of Moldova.

The agreement was ratified in Parliament on April 23. It was assumed that Moldova will receive a credit in two equal tranches in may and October of this year.

The most acute controversy, writes NewsMaker, has caused the situation, according to which the Moldovan government was obliged to take overdue debts on government-approved loans to local companies to Russian banks. “During the discussions, the authorities have not explained why we need this clause in the contract, and which the Moldovan company can ask for Russian banks”, – notes the edition.

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, at Facebook called the constitutional court’s decision “a severe blow to millions of Moldovans, who were waiting for aid from these money.”

“Opposition parties together with the oligarchic forces, who challenged the COP such financial assistance has made a cynical decision aimed against its own citizens in an attempt to leave them with no money, not to allow the state to help them. This is a politicized decision directly hits the budget employees, pensioners, the health system, businesses throughout the economy, and now she will need financial resources to exit the crisis, in which it was due to a prolonged period of a pandemic”, – he wrote.

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