The company Rocketbook has released the refillable paper notebook Flip

Rocketbook has introduced a new refillable Notepad Flip. It is intended for use in schools, offices, and a good choice for drawing and maintaining personal records. Flip has a classic design with a spiral spring at the top and can connect to many cloud services, including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, iCloud and Slack.

In Notepad, 18 pages, each of which has linear markings on the front side and dotted mesh back. In addition to this version Rocketbook plans to release a notebook with an absolutely blank pages for sketching. The price mark-up model is now $ 32.

The main feature of the Rocketbook Flip – possibility of multiple reuse. The notebook is made of special synthetic paper on which you can write with the Pilot FriXion pens, markers and pens. To remove written, enough to wipe the sheet with a damp cloth and pages can be used again.

Rocketbook Flip comes with its own app that allows you to scan and decode the recordings and then send them to any cloud services to choose from. On each page of the Notepad at the bottom are seven symbols, which act as tags to organize the data Rocketbook. It is sufficient to associate each icon with a specific cloud service, and then mark the desired character on the page – Rocketbook and the app will automatically detect which service it should be sent. In addition, the application is able to crop and enhance images so they always look as clearly as possible.

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