The company Iguana Yachts starts production of the limousine amphibian Day Limo

In 2011, the French company Iguana Yachts has built one of the most unusual boats amphibians in the world that could skillfully overcome the complex coastal terrain. And here is her new model – limousine-amphibian Day Limo 9.2 meters in length, designed for 12 passengers.

One of the characteristic features of the Iguana Day – innovation, located behind the passenger seats on the sides of the retractable canopy. In case of bad weather both halves rise up and close in the middle, forming a closed cabin. Removed the canopy height of the boat is reduced to 1.75 m, with the result that it can be placed even in a compact garage for boats.

Under the passenger seat-sofa located in the boxes for shoes and other things. In the nose of the vehicle is a storage compartment where you can fit up to six suitcases. In the console with a fridge for drinks.

In Iguana Yachts explained that the Day Limo can be equipped with diesel, gas or electric engine with capacity from 300 to 600 HP with which the machine can accelerate to 75 km/h. At the boat landing 4 “points”, which makes it available for passengers of all ages and abilities.

The company has not yet announced the price for the Day Limo, however, according to experts, it can range from 262 000 to 678 000 USD.

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