The company Cubbit has developed a personal digital cloud for everyone

The concept of cloud storage data is output to the next evolutionary level in which they get rid of the two remnants. First, the monthly rent disappears, as a burden to the user – he needs to worry only about Internet access, which is the default task. Secondly, from an abstract and controlled by some Corporation data center cloud moves in personal physical storage with advanced features.

The founders Cubbit proceeded from task to return to the online portion of the former freedom and convenience of information exchange. With this aim they have developed a “digital cloud” had a specific shape – hexagonal boxes with data storage and communication module inside. It costs $249 and belongs only to its owner, he does not pay for the operation, retains the connection to your cloud from anywhere in the world and decides who to give access to it. However, the responsibility entirely on him – as backup in case of a fire in the apartment, the gadget fits badly.

The volume of cloud by default, 4 TB, but you can connect an external hard drive or combine with a home server. When transferring data using a triple protection including the encryption Protocol to AES-256. For one cloud you can create several different accounts with flexible access rights. The speed of data exchange depends entirely on the quality and overall is on the same level as the popular cloud services.

Still, the main advantage Cubbit its developers believe the independence from large IT companies. Personal data has become too precious to trust to anyone even simple storage. Not to mention the control of access to your information – who can guarantee that corporations do not sell personal information to big business?

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