The combination of coronavirus, unprecedented unemployment, a wave of protests and President of the trump’s challenge that America has never faced

Unenviable America, or the Era of the great unlove.

Sometimes you wonder, what are the coincidences in life. It turns out that William Barr, the current U.S. attorney General, he headed the same office in 1992, when the riots in Los Angeles on racial grounds has put the city on the ears. And now Barra has to deal with the same trouble, only across almost the entire country.

Los Angeles was then shaken for six days. The story began in March 1991, when police arrested a Rodney king for speeding. Before this king, a black guy with a criminal record and prohibited amount of alcohol in the blood, tried to escape in his car from a police chase, and when he had to stop, resisted. Four white police officers like it should be clobbered with batons. Then Rodney king will find a broken knee and a cracked facial bone.

The revolt began much later, in late April of the following year, when the jury, among whom there was not one black man acquitted police officers on charges of excessive use of violence. In a matter of hours after the verdict, Los Angeles has risen. In total, the city counted then about 7 thousand of arson, the total damage was estimated at $1 billion In clashes with police and National guard killed 63 people. Clashes on a smaller scale occurred in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Atlanta and new York. The verdict then was revised, two police officers were convicted. In that case played a major role beating video made by living close to man.

In the present case, from the black death to George Floyd, who was killed after detention by the police of Minneapolis on suspicion of using counterfeit check for $20, an explosive reaction went much earlier, without waiting for the trial. Numerous records from smartphones was enough, so everyone can see how white police officer a long time with his knee on his neck choking Floyd. Protest slogans “I can’t breathe!” began the next day, may 26, and by the time when the last police officer was arrested may 29, to stop the wave of protests was impossible. The smashing and burning not long in coming. Police violence begets more violence and this cycle of escalation can not be broken. Protests are held in dozens of American cities, and thank God, not everywhere comes to vandalism, but the scale of the perturbation is unprecedented.

All directions looking for the intruders provocateurs, incite the crowd, but one thing is clear: America had not been so divided. Back in October, one poll showed that 67% of citizens believe the country is on the edge of civil war. Interesting that this poll showed now, when during the clashes, shots are fired, and one particularly desperate supporter of trump in Minneapolis attempted to enter the crowd of protesters on the tank and thereby to contribute to the fight against “leftists”.

In 1992 the White house was not the worst, as it turned out, post-war President – Bush. Now his first term ends the unpopular Donald trump. Trump is a big fan of “parasight”, and this time he did not deny myself of this habit instead try to calm passions. But he wouldn’t be him if it were otherwise. Only at some time when clashes at the White house became especially bitter, had to hide in underground bunker – too unique for American presidents experience.

The unthinkable combination of a killer epidemic of the coronavirus, unprecedented unemployment, a hot wave of protests and Donald trump as President amid the fast-approaching election – a challenge that America has never faced. Though she came out of it unscathed, but to predict where it’s all pulled out, is absolutely impossible.

Drink the health of Americans, white, colored, different. We used them a little jealous, but there are times when, like it or not, Vice versa.


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