The Championship Of Belarus. Dinamo Brest away lost Energy-BSU

Today “Dinamo” Brest Artem Milevskyi scored in the ninth round of the championship of Belarus on the road lost “Energy-BSU” with the score 2:1. The Ukrainian striker was left on the bench and came on as a substitute in the 62nd minute.

“Energetic-BSU” – “Dinamo” Brest – 2:1
Goals: 1:0 – 40 Bakich, 2:0 – 47 Yudchitz, 2:1 – 90 Kislyak.

“Energetic-BSU” – Lesko, Mawatu, Yudchitz, Falcon, Fierce, Bakich (Girs, 67), socks, TVE, Umarov (Sovpel, 68; Sarac, 84), Yakhshiboev, Shkurdyuk.

“Dinamo” Brest – Pavlyuchenko, Pavlovets, Veretilo, Kiki, Bulls, Yuzepchuk, Krivets (Milevsky, 62), Savitsky, Kislyak, Gordeychuk (Pechenin, 76), Sadowski (Laptev, 63).

Warning: TVE (19), Durable (24), Masatu (29), Yuzepchuk (70).

After this victory “Energetik-BSU” shares first-second place with “torpedo-BelAZ” with 18 points. Dynamo remained 13 points and seventh place.

Yesterday “a torpedo-BelAZ” beat “Gorodeya”.

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