The candidate for presidents of Belarus of Babariko filed criminal charges

Candidate for the presidency of Belarus, former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko charged with a crime, this June 20, informed the Agency “Interfax-the West” one of the defenders of the opposition politician Dmitry Laevsky.

The article, which accused the defender did not name, having referred to a subscription about nondisclosure of materials of business.

Laevsky said that his client “strongly disagrees with the accusation” and that the defense insists on his complete innocence. The detention of Babariko was appealed, the court has not yet considered the complaint, the lawyer said.

According to him, the politician “is alive and well.”

The protection of Babariko are three lawyers.

Babariko for 20 years he directed the “the BGB”, whose shareholders are the Russian “Gazprombank” and “Gazprom”. He left this position in may 2020, when he decided to run for the presidency. On 18 June Babariko and his son was detained.

According to investigators, Babariko was the organizer of the illegal actions of the Bank, tried to influence witnesses, to hide the traces of crimes. General Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case under part 2 and part 3 of article 285 of the Criminal code of Belarus (creation of a criminal organization or participation in it). The Belarusian KGB claimed that the activities of Babariko involved “puppeteers” from among the “big bosses “Gazprom” and the expenses are not connected with the election campaign in Belarus, which is scheduled for August 9th presidential elections.

The foreign Ministry of Belarus said that the former banker may be involved in money laundering and tax evasion.

In Belarus is scheduled for August 9th inivory President. June 19 was the deadline of collecting signatures candidates for the highest office. Alexander Lukashenko, who heads Belarus since 1994, intends to run for another term. Four candidates withdrew from the election. The opposition candidate, Babariko June 18, has been arrested and is in prison. All about collecting 100 thousand signatures necessary for inclusion on the ballot, announced the eight politicians.

Sociological surveys in Belarus are not carried out; according to the Internet surveys of non-state media, Babariko confidently was in the lead with the prospect of victory in the first round. For example, the may survey TUT.BY gave 54,91%, the nearest competitor Valery Tsepkalo was 15,22%, Lukashenka – 6,24%.

On June 18 in Minsk held a protest against the persecution of opposition politicians – the citizens formed a human chain and stood there for more than six hours. June 19 at rallies , police detained about 120 people, among the detainees are journalists.

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