The British foreign Secretary accused Russia of meddling in the parliamentary elections of 2019

The Russian government is “almost certainly” had tried to intervene in the UK General election of 2019 by the illegal acquisition and publication on the Internet of confidential documents. In a written address to the House of Commons of the Parliament Minister of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom Dominic Raab, informs BBC.

Documents relating to trade negotiations between the UK and USA, appeared on the platform Reddit in December 2019, and then fell into the possession of the opposition labour party. Opposition urged to publish the report of the Committee on intelligence and security about a possible Russian intervention in elections, but it is still not made public.

Raab noted that “there is no evidence of large-scale Russian campaign,” but “any attempt to interfere in our democratic process is totally unacceptable”.

Conducted criminal investigations regarding how the Internet got the unedited documents.

Elections to the UK Parliament took place on 12 December 2019. The conservative party headed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson won.

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