The bike is Damon Hypersport can now be used as house battery

Mass electric transportation there are a variety of childhood diseases, and the most whimsical of them is designed for children and teenagers. They go and spend the energy too quickly, and therefore used only for short trips, and the bulk of the time idle. In the company of Damon decided that it was irrational, and modernized its Hypersport bike to work as a backup battery for smart home.

Declared compatible electric bike with energy home systems Delta, and the Tesla Wallbox. This is a significant contribution, considering that the battery power Damon Hypersport 21,5 kWh, and Tesla Powerwall only 13.5 kWh. Continually feed electricity to your home network, of course, the apparatus can not. But while just standing idle in the garage, it is a ready-to-use energy equivalent to 3.3 kW through the AC system and up to 25 kW – DC.

Strictly speaking, Damon didn’t invent anything, because the power transmission system “car-house” appeared in 2012 on the Toyota Prius. However, among manufacturers of electric motorcycles, they are among the first to offer its customers such a service. It does not even require purchasing additional components, you simply need to update the app and choose a new mode of operation of the motorcycle.

Damon initiative can be significant and may create a new concept of energy use by private households. In addition to stationary batteries in a building takes into account the capacity of all energy storage, which the user can connect to the network. And if he uses this resource, helping to smooth out peaks in energy consumption in the city, it gets a preference in the form of a flexible rate of payment for the supply of electricity. This will be an additional incentive for the transition to electric transportation, which will be a benefit, even standing idle in the garage.

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