The biggest airplane in the world joins the fight against COVID-19

On Tuesday the world’s largest transport aircraft an-225 “Mriya” delivered from China to Poland the party of personal protective equipment, including masks and medical equipment weighing about 100 tons.

According to the publication American Jornal Transportation, the plane took off from Tianjin airport on April 13 and, having made an intermediate landing for refueling and crew rest at the airport of Almaty (Kazakhstan), continued the flight to Warsaw.

According to the operator of the An-225, the company “Antonov”, the capacity of the cargo compartment Mriya is 1200 cubic meters and a load capacity of 275 tonnes, so with a cargo of 200 t liner-trailer can handle it without any difficulty (requested by Poland medical equipment is very light, but bulky, so the plane prestoit to make two trips with a load of 100 t).

Do not forget that the An-225 is an outstanding offspring of the Soviet aircraft industry of the late 80-ies, existing in a single copy. It was specially designed for the transport of reusable spacecraft “Buran” at the Baikonur cosmodrome.

An-225 “Mriya” is much superior to its American competitor G-5M Super Galaxy. Its length is 84 m, the height is 18.2 m, wingspan – 88,4 m. more recently, the aircraft underwent significant upgrades.

The an-225 is joined to the transport missions other heavy aircraft, delivering worldwide medical supplies needed for pandemic COVID-19.

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